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Broadband - Broadband News - Tiscali broadband customers could find broadband switched off

Tiscali broadband customers could find broadband switched off

16th April 2009

Broadband customers of Tiscali could find their broadband services turned off if the troubled company can't make repayments on their debts

Tiscali's 1.8 million UK customers could find themselves without broadband if the troubled company can't sort out their financial troubles soon and pay off their debts.

Tiscali are to have a Shareholders meeting before May to try and get a plan sorted that will allow them to make repayments on their debts.

Tiscali broadband customers could have internet switched off if debts are not repayedThe UK arm of Tiscali has been up for sale for around a year which would of raised vital money for Tiscali to pay off their debt but there has still not been a buyer, with Sky pulling out of their bid last month, however there has been speculation that the Carphone Warehouse has renewed their interest in Tiscali but there is no guarantees that this will lead to any sort of buy out.

Customers of Tiscali broadband can find themselves in a tough position in that they could find that their broadband service is turned off if debt repayments are not met. Some customers who are no longer tied into a set length of their broadband contract may even look to change broadband providers if they are worried about losing internet access.

Author: Mark Ward
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