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Free laptops with Three mobile broadband

18th July 2008

Three Mobile are to offer free laptops if people take up a mobile broadband contract with them

3 Mobile are set to start offering free laptops for customers who take out mobile broadband deals with them.
The Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U are already bundling laptops and mobile broadband dongles together as all the mobile broadband providers fight for customers.

Free laptops with Three mobile broadbandThe beginning of August is when we are likely to see the first of the 3 mobile broadband 24-month mobile broadband deals becoming available with prices starting at 30 up to 40 per month with 5Gb data transfer.
The free laptops that will be offered will be Hewlett Packard ones, including the Pavilion DV6000 and the monthly price is expected to vary depending on which laptop users opt for.

Currently most mobile broadband deals that people sign up for are 12-month contracts or pay-as-you-go ones, so 3 Mobile will be looking at tying customers up for 2 years with the incentive of a free laptop.
This is perhaps the biggest drawback with such offers, the way mobile broadband is developing you could potentially find yourself left behind with a much inferior package in a years time if mobile broadband speeds and limits increase and prices start to come down. This is however bound to be the case and anyone happy enough with what they will receive can certainly take up the free laptop offer.

Not to be left behind in the mobile broadband market it also appears that both Vodafone and Orange may also come up with similar free laptop offers later in the year.

Author: Rob Cook
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