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Broadband - Broadband News - 55% think 2Mb broadband is too slow

55% think 2Mb broadband is too slow

21st April 2009

A survey has revealed that 55% of the UK think that a minimum 2Mb broadband connection is too slow

A survey carried out by Opinium Research on behalf of has found that 55% of the UK population think that 2Mb is too slow a minimum speed for broadband, the minimum speed that Lord Carter is aiming for in his Digital Britain report to be available across the whole of the UK by 2012.

Recent testing by Ofcom found that the average UK broadband speed is around 3.6Mb meaning that for those who will just have to accept the minimum 2Mb could find themselves with a big digital divide compared to those on fibre optic broadband who can sign up currently to advertised headline speeds of 50Mb! Check your broadband speed with our broadband speed test.

The survey questioned 2,165 British adults and 2,095 had cable broadband, ADSL, wireless or dingle services at home.

Other interesting statistics from those surveyed about 2Mb broadband found:

- 91% say 2Mb is not enough for downloading video content
- 89% say it is not enough for watching streamed video such as iPlayer
- 83% say it is not enough for online gaming
- 82% say it is not enough for VoIP telephone use
- 80% say it is not enough for downloading music
- 43% say it is not enough for internet surfing
- 41% say it is not enough for online shopping/banking

It looks like the government has really aimed too low with what they are aiming for with their minimum broadband speed, they should of aimed higher and we may have found that more investment was supplied to help with the roll out of the fibre broadband network, possibly with FTTH (Fibre To The Home) instead of just FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) which would offer even faster broadband speeds.

Author: Rob Cook
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