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Broadband - Broadband News - 16Mb speeds for Vodafone mobile broadband test

16Mb speeds for Vodafone mobile broadband test

23rd January 2009

Vodafone mobile broadband have run tests that have given them speeds of 16Mb with their latest technology and possible speeds of 21Mb on the cards

Vodafone have claimed that they have managed to develop mobile broadband that can reach speed of up to 16Mb.
The speed was achieved in trials done in Spain of the HSPA+ 64QAM technology.
There is even talk of testing connections on HSPA+ MIMO technology later in the year that could give broadband speeds of 21Mb!
The QAM starts for Quadrature Amplitude Modulation which basically is a method used to get more bits into the signal of a frequency meaning more data can be passed through it.

Vodafone mobile broadband hits 16Mb in trialsThis latest technology is going to increase the popularity of mobile broadband if it means that speeds of around 13Mb can be achieved in good conditions, with 4Mb being the typical across the range. This would mean that Vodafone mobile broadband could well be a faster option of receiving broadband for many until the roll out of Fibre Broadband across the UK takes place.

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Author: Sheri Lea
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