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TMobile broadband cut to 2 per day

23rd September 2008

TMobile pay as you go broadband has been cut to 2 per day

TMobile Broadband have reduced the price of their Pay Per Day broadband to just 2 per day. This price is half what it used to cost and is likely to make the Tmobile broadband an attractive option for any mobile broadband users who only need infrequent mobile broadband internet access.

The TMobile Broadband Pay Per day is available with 3 different options, all which offer a 3GB data transfer limit.
The available Pay Per Day options are:
1 Day - 2
7 Day - 10
30 Day - 20

TMobile Broadband cut the cost of pay as you go mobile broadbandCustomers need to buy a USB Modem Stick 110 for 49.99. The modem stick also doubles up as a memory stick when a Micro SD card is plugged into it which makes it a great portable device for storing information and also connecting to the internet. It is also compatible in the USA and Australia so users can connect to mobile broadband from these countries too.

The fair use policy of 3GB from TMobile is good in that if a user goes over the limit they will not get charged. Depending on how much over the limit and how often this occurs then TMobile will work with the customer to try and find a better deal or advise on how to keep within their limit.

You can read our guide to setting up TMobile Broadband here.

Author: Sheri Lea
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