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Broadband - Broadband News - Virgin to offer 150Mb fibre broadband

Virgin to offer 150Mb fibre broadband

24th March 2009

Virgin Media are to be offering fibre broadband speeds of up to 150Mb before BT complete their own fibre optic network

Virgin Media are set to offer fibre broadband speeds of up to 150Mb before BT completes it's own fibre optic cable network that will offer speeds of 40Mb.

Virgin fibre broadband to offer speeds of 150MbWith Virgin Media broadband currently being in the driving set when it comes to fibre broadband (also known as cable broadband) they are likely to make the most of their current position as much as they can while they are able to offer a service that currently other providers are not able to.

Only yesterday we reported how BT have chosen the first 29 locations that they will be deploying their Super-Fast fibre network to which will be aiming to be offering around 40Mb broadband speeds and Virgin come along right away to divert all the Fibre Optic network talk back to them with this latest talk that they will be still offering much faster broadband speeds by the time BT finish their own roll out.

Neil Berkett, the Chief Executive of Virgin Media told the BBC that Virgin's fibre broadband can support speeds up to 200Mb with FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) but that they are unable to see being able to get returns on offering 100Mb to 150Mb broadband speeds at the present time.

Author: Rob Cook
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