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Broadband - Broadband News - 100Mb FTTH should be the aim and not 40Mb FTTC

100Mb FTTH should be the aim and not 40Mb FTTC

24th April 2009

100Mb Fibre To The Home is what the government should be aiming for in the UK and not just accepting the 4Mb Fibre To The Cabinet that BT are going install

The government needs to raise it's ambitions to include 100Mb Fibre To The Home (FTTH) if we are not to be left behind other countries according to Elfed Thomas, CEO of i3 Group, the company who are installing FTTH in the UK at the moment.

The statement from Mr Thomas was in response to the remark made by the Chief Executive of BT, Ian Livingstone, who was comparing BT's 40Mb Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) to faster 100Mb FTTH. Mr Livingstone compared the faster and slower broadband speeds to the difference between a Ferrari and a Ford, suggesting that people were "happy with a Ford".

Mr Thomas believes aiming this low will mean that the UK will face an uphill struggle in the future when faster speeds are needed. The plans of 40Mb broadband is already much slower than what is installed and planned to be installed in many other countries.
i3 Group are installing fibre broadband straight to the home by utilising the sewers to make it more cost effective.

Whether the government can pledge many more billions of pounds when the country is in such a financial mess as it is at the moment is a tough one to call and given that the minimum universal speed the government want everyone to have in the UK is just 2Mb would make you think that the 40Mb from BT is going to be the best we can expect for the time being!

Author: Mark Ward
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