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Broadband - Broadband News - Tiscali start legal proceedings against BT Broadband

Tiscali start legal proceedings against BT Broadband

24th July 2008

Tiscali are to bring legal proceedings to BT over a mail-out sent to Tiscali customers

Tiscali has started with legal proceedings against broadband rival BT for "for defamation and malicious falsehood".

BT Broadband will receive legal proceedings against them from Tiscali BroadbandThe move comes after some Tiscali Broadband customers received correspondence through the post from BT Broadband.
The headline read: "Tiscali chief plots sell-off" and underneath the next heading read: "You can be confident with BT Total Broadband."

Part of the letter then went on to read:
We can understand why you're wondering what might happen to your Tiscali broadband service. And because no one really knows the answer just yet, it could be a good time to look at an alternative broadband service.

Changing your provider to BT could be the right move if you're worried about the future of your broadband service. Because BT Total Broadband is the UK's most complete and here to stay.

Many people wonder how BT got their information as to which customers used Tiscali Broadband although some people who have had no dealings with Tiscali or any of it's subsidiaries (such as Nildram or Pipex) have also received the mail.
BT say they used "reputable external sources" to get the information.

As the possible sale of Tiscali Broadband continues to roll on they will be keen to have no negative publicity surrounding the deal, especially as the UK broadband market is so competitive.
Originally the end of June had been the date that was muted to be when we would hear about a new owner but that date has been and gone and still no firm news.

Author: Mark Ward
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