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Broadband - Broadband News - Post Office broadband can be paid by cash

Post Office broadband can be paid by cash

24th October 2007

The Post Offices broadband targets 'Silver Surfers' and will allow customers to pay by cash over the counter

The Post Office as we reported last week are due to launch into the UK broadband market when their deals go live on Monday 29th October.

The Post Office broadband will let customers pay with cashWhat we didn't report last week is that the Post Office, who are using a white label BT Broadband product, will allow customers to pay over the counter for their broadband with cash at any of the 14,000 Post Office's across the UK, a payment option not available from any other UK national broadband provider.

The Post Office Broadband has their target market set as those aged 50-65, the ‘silver surfers’ who are going online for the first time and also those who would prefer to pre-pay with cash for the service.

Westlife, the reformed boy-band is going to be the face of the Post Offices £9 million advertising campaign.

We had wondered if the Post Office had a unique angle that they would look at to try and break into the extremely competitive broadband market, as just going off their name alone may not have been enough at this stage. However, they have clearly got their target market in their sites and feel there is huge potential for them in the market and are offering something slightly more unique despite their broadband deals not being the best on the market.

Author: Mark Ward
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