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Broadband - Broadband News - AOL & Tiscali both looking to sell up

AOL & Tiscali both looking to sell up

25th September 2006

AOL & Tiscali both looking to sell up

More talk has started to appear about AOL (UK) & Tiscali (UK) wanting to sell up their broadband businesses in the UK.

AOL Broadband might be bought by BSkyB or The Carphone WarehouseBSkyB & The Carphone Warehouse are set to enter a bidding war for AOL while BT are looking to get hold of Tiscali.

AOL is the UKs third largest broadband provider with 2.2 million customers while Tiscali is the fourth largest broadband provider with 1.2 million customers.

Tiscali UK could be bought by BTThe fact that both companies in their current marketplace are trying to sell up shows just how competitive the UK market is that they don't think they want to stay in the market and manage their own deals.
Offers such as "free broadband" bundles are making the UK market extremely competitive, The Carphone Warehouse were the first company in the UK to offer "free broadband" in April of this year and there have been a number of other companies starting to offer “free broadband” for customers who take multiple services from them.

AOL are reportedly after £1 billion for the company but it is likely to be sold for much less than this asking price by either BSkyB or The Carphone Warehouse.

Author: Broadband Watchdog
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