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PlusNet to launch calls packages

26th April 2006

PlusNet to launch calls packages

PlusNet, a UK internet service provider has today announced that they are launching a new range of broadband and voice packages to customers.

PlusNet to launch telephone packagesThe deals, starting at just 20.99 will allow PlusNet customer to bundle their broadband with telephone line rental, telephone calls and the PlusTalk VoIP service offered by PlusNet.

Customers can get the landline and calls package at a starting price of 11 per month with the cost of their broadband on top. With a new basic PlusNet broadband deal for just 9.99 per month being launched, starting on May 31st 2006 means customers can combine the deals and have everything for just 20.99 per month.

The launch date of the voice services is the 4th July 2006 and customers are give the option to pre-register if they want to be receive the service as soon as it becomes available.
There is no set up fee if customers already have a BT line although there will be a 20 fee for termination of the service.
PlusNet are going to be able to offer the service out to 99% of the UK population as they are not reliant on limited LLU (Local Loop Unbundling).

The voice deals announced are PlusTalk Anytime and PlusTalk Anytime+.

PlusTalk Anytime offers customers 240 minutes to call UK landlines with no line rental to pay to BT. This deal will cost 11 per month.
The PlusTalk Anytime+ offers all calls to UK landlines included (01 & 02 numbers) and All calls to top 20 international destinations included. Again there is no line rental to pay BT and this service will cost 15 per month.

What's more is that PlusNet are offering these on 1 month contracts and unlike other providers who are supplying broadband and voice deals not contracting them into 12 and 18 month contracts.

Author: Broadband Watchdog
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