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Broadband - Broadband News - BT launch "BT Home IT Visit" support service

BT launch "BT Home IT Visit" support service

26th September 2006

BT launch "BT Home IT Visit" support service

BT have announced a new support service called "BT Home IT Visit" where consumers can request a support person to help set up broadband or solve other IT related problems.

BT Home IT VisitBT Broadband customers can request help to install and set up broadband for them for a fee of 50 while any customers with a BT line can request support for other computer related problems for 75 for the first hour and then 25 for each extra half hour.

Although the service is not cheap many users who struggle or can't solve computer related problems could well use the service. Common problems that users may want to use "BT Home IT Visit" for are to get a wireless router or network set up, attach printer or other devices, give a computer a health check and show users how to back up information or advise on how to set up and configure a computer and transfer information from an old computer to a new computer.

BT have got 2,000 specially engineers across the country that they can use to help support customers.

This latest service follows the launch back in March of the "BT Home IT Advisor" that cost customers 9.99 per month and allowed them to get help and support over the phone or by a "virtual engineer" to remotely connect to their computer to solve any problems without having to come out to a users home.

Visit BT Home IT Services

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