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An Orange & Apple help your mobile broadband

27th March 2009

Orange mobile broadband is set to have Apple MacBooks supplied with some of their mobile broadband deals

Orange are set to tie up a deal with Apple that will see subsidised MacBooks being offered with mobile broadband deals from the mobile phone supplier.

It is extremely unlikely that the MacBooks will be free but just have their price subsidised and customers are likely to be tied in to anything up to a 24 month contract.

Orange to supply Apple MacBooks with mobile broadbandThe Apple MacBooks won't have Orange mobile broadband built in, they will just be supplied with an Orange mobile broadband dongle, but in future we could see the mobile broadband and sim card being built in to the machine.

It is thought that Orange has made a "volume commitment" to Apple over the number of customers they will get to take up on the offer.

Author: Lucy Dunkerley
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