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Broadband - Broadband News - Ofcom speak up on need for Fibre Optic network

Ofcom speak up on need for Fibre Optic network

27th September 2007

Ofcom speak up on need for Fibre Optic network

The UK Communications regulator, Ofcom, have been the latest to add their voice to the ever increasing need for the UK to start investing in next generation networks (NGAs) for super-fast broadband.

Ofcom add voice for the need of super fast broadbandThese backbones are to have Fibre Optic Cable (known in the industry as Fibre To The Home) running through them to replace the existing (and ageing) copper wires currently being used in the network to deliver communications such as phone and broadband.

Broadband is the biggest driving force behind the UK needing to upgrade its network as broadband is now being used to deliver and supply much more than it originally used to. With over half of the UK now accessing the Internet via broadband and over ninety nine percent of the UK being connected to a broadband enabled exchange means that the existing network will soon start to reach it's capacity.

It is down to how well broadband in the UK has done in the last few years that means action is going to be needed to be taken soon.

In the last 12 months broadband prices have fallen by 9% and the average headline speed has doubled to 4.6MB. Broadband providers have also been working hard in offering customers attractive deals such as free broadband, free laptops, free phone calls etc.

Ofcom CEO Ed Richards said:

Next Generation Access offers tremendous new opportunities for UK business and consumers, and its potential impact on the economy is very significant.

He added: “Investment in Next Generation Access will represent a substantial commercial risk and the market should decide where and when it will be made. We want to ensure there are no barriers to investment and provide a clear regulatory environment which will help encourage investment.

“But we also want to ensure that the benefits of competition which consumers have enjoyed with current generation broadband can also be achieved as we move to higher speed next generation access.

Ofcom have announced a 2 month consultation on the matter.
Visit Ofcom for - Future broadband - Policy approach to next generation access

Author: Mark Ward
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