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Broadband - Broadband News - T-Mobile WiFi HotSpots installed into Virgin trains

T-Mobile WiFi HotSpots installed into Virgin trains

28th April 2009

Virgin trains are to offer reliable internet access via WiFi HotSpots that have been installed by T-Mobile

Virgin Pendolino trains on the West Coast Main Line have teamed up with T-Mobile to offer Wi-Fi HotSpots that will provide reliable wireless broadband on their trains.

T-Mobile broadband WiFi HotSpots have been installed on Virgin trainsThe WiFi HotSpots will provide a fast reliable internet connection for the whole of journeys made along the West Coast Main Line, even when going through tunnel sections of the journey where internet signals are often lost or interrupted.

The service has been rolled out by Normad Digital who are T-Mobile's solution partner.
Passengers who travel in First Class will receive the service free of charge while passengers who are in standard class can purchase access to use the HotSpots online.
Any pay monthly TMobile broadband customers will be able to use the service without any additional cost as they receive unlimited HotSpot access as part of their plans.

Virgin Trains on West Coast Main Line to get WiFi HotSpotsThe service is initially being installed on to Virgin's 52 Pendolino trains and then by mid-summer this will be extended to include the 21 Super Voyager trains.

Reliable internet access on trains is a huge boost not only for business users but also recreational users, and as Virgin's West Coast Main Line service has around 22.5 million passenger journeys per year there is likely to be plenty who will be making use of this.

Richard Warmsley, Head of Internet and Entertainment for T-Mobile UK:
As the popularity of mobile broadband continues to soar, we want to do everything we can to offer people access to the internet wherever they are. This provides a unique solution on-board Virgin Trains, at no extra cost to our pay monthly Mobile Broadband customers, and available to everyone, whatever mobile phone network they use.
From business users checking emails or sending documents on the way to and from work, to people checking their Facebook, or downloading songs for the trip, this new mobile broadband service offers all passengers the opportunity to make the most of their journeys.

Author: Sheri Lea
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