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Broadband - Broadband News - UK Broadband satisfaction low but O2 broadband shine through

UK Broadband satisfaction low but O2 broadband shine through

31st March 2009

Broadband satisfaction is as low as 42% in the UK but O2 broadband are the people to turn to if you want to be satisfied

A survey into UK broadband customer satisfaction by has found that 42% of customers are not satisfied with their service based on the 12,000 broadband customers they interviewed.

The study found that around 2.6bn is spent each year on broadband across UK households showing why the broadband market is so competitive.
Another interesting figure is that 54% of broadband customers don't think that their broadband provider has them on the best deal for them.

O2 broadband lead the way with broadband satisfactionTopping the satisfaction charts though were O2, who lead the way in 9 out of 11 categories which was quite a landslide for them.
O2 lead the way in: Best overall customer satisfaction, Most likely to be recommended, Best value for money, Best customer service, Best technical support, Best for speed satisfaction, Best 'deal for you', Best for ease of use and Best for setup support. O2 Broadband have managed the highest ever customer satisfaction score of 92% of it's customer base which is highly impressive for a company who are quite new in the broadband sector.

TalkTalk won "Best for billing" and PlusNet were rated top for "Best quality of connection".

At the other end of the scale AOL were the biggest losers followed by Orange. AOL were voted worst in 6 out of 11 categories while Orange were top of the flops in 3 of the categories.
AOL took the "honours" for: Worst overall customer satisfaction, Least likely to be recommended, Most difficult billing, Worst quality of connection, Worst for speed satisfaction and Worst "deal for you". These results mark a huge drop of 10% for AOL who were second placed in 2007 for Overall Satisfaction with a 7% fall in satisfaction the last year alone!

Orange were voted in: Poorest customer service, Worst technical support and Most difficult setup support. That said they have seen an improvement in last years results which shows that they are making positive steps to improve their overall service to customers.

BT were also on the worst performers list by being voted "Least best value for money" while TalkTalk were "Hardest to use".

The study also found that in the last year prices have come down by around 5% with broadband speeds increasing by 18% but despite this customer satisfaction isn't all just based on these two points meaning that the broadband providers have to work harder in some cases on their customer satisfaction!

Author: Mark Ward
Copyright: -

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