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O2 Listens to Its Consumers and changes Mobile broadband

31st October 2008

O2 mobile broadband has a bit of a change to keep customers happy

A recent survey conducted by O2 has shown that one in ten mobile broadband customers is not happy with their current package. Many feel that they were deceived when it came to the quote of the cost of the package when they originally signed up.

O2 mobile broadband changed to please customersLured in by offers that sounded fantastic, many customers have found that the price of their monthly package once the deal has ran out is more than they expected it to be. There have been hidden charges applied to their account and download limits that they didnít fully understand at the time of taking out of the package. After expressing their concerns in the survey conducted by O2, the company has now decided to revamp its broadband packages.

The mobile broadband package in particular has proven to be a letdown. After complaints that the package did not cover the areas that it claimed it did, O2 have now reduced the cost of the service from £20 per month to £15 per month. There also didnít used to be a returns policy, whereas now O2 have introduced a "happiness guarantee". If for any reason you are unhappy with the broadband package, you can send the USB stick back to O2 within 50 days. You will receive a full refund and you will not be charged any termination fees either.

The packages that are offered to customers now include 3GB for £15 per month or £35 per month for 10GB. With these packages you will have to pay a one off fee of £99 for the USB stick too. These charges apply for a rolling one month contract. There are also 18 month contracts available which may be more cost effective in the long run.

Overall these new changes produced by O2 mobile broadband will no doubt have an effect on the whole of the broadband industry. The returns policy will definitely go down well with consumers and it is likely that more mobile broadband providers will introduce this offer too.

Author: Aimee Lou
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