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Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular, it allows players to play against other people via the internet from all over the world. The increasing use of broadband has helped bring this about as games can now run much faster and smoother online so the gameplay doesn't get interrupted.

It is not only online computer games via a PC that are becoming popular but now computer games consoles are making use of online gaming to take these to the next level.

Consoles such as the XBox 360, Sony PSP (Playstation Portable) & Nintendo DS allow players to play online. The Sony PSP & Nintendo DS also make use of wireless Internet so the online games are also wireless. To make use of this you will need a wireless router or wireless modem and set them up this way. If however you want an alternative then you can buy a WIFI Max dongle that you simply plug into the usb port of your computer and this creates a wirless internet access point.

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