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Pas as you go broadband is available from some broadband providers. You may find that if you choose a pay as you go broadband deal that you will initially have to pay out more than if you take out a contract with a broadband provider.

This is because if you are on a pas as you go deal with a broadband provider you can leave at any time, so they won't pay out extra money such as giving you free set up and connection and also free hardware such as a modem or router if after a month you are going to stop using them. Simple economics shows that it isn't financially viable option for them to offer you all the free extras that they can do with those who take out a contract.

That said some people pay as you go may be the best option for them, maybe you don't want to get tied into a 12 month contract without knowing what the service from the broadband provider is like.

View a list of pay as you go broadband deals available or Pay as you Go Mobile Broadband.

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