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PlusNetPlusnet was founded in 1997, located in Sheffield and have continued to grow and become a well known and widely used broadband provider across the UK.

Plusnet also have 3 sister brands that they use, they are Force9, Free-Online and Metronet. These combined sites supply internet services (both dial up and broadband) to nearly 250,000 users.

2004 saw PlusNet become a PLC and also saw PlusNet neraly double it's number of customers to it's services.

PlusNet run a referal sceme for their customers to reccommend PlusNet to friends and family. Any successful applications result in PlusNet customers reducing their bills with PlusNet.

For details about PlusNet Broadband deals please visit the PlusNet broadband page or if you aree lookign for VoIP products from Plusnet check out PlusTalk.

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