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Broadband Speed Test

Broadband speed testTo use the free broadband speed test simply click on the Start button below and the broadband speed test will begin.

Speed test1020kbps = 1Mb
So a speed of 3100kbps is approx a broadband speed of 3.1Mb

Wait for the results to be displayed above before doing anything else.

Important: To get an accurate result with the broadband speed test please stop any internet activity (e.g. surfing, emailing or downloading)

Our NEW IMPROVED Free Broadband speed test checker

Depending on your connection speed, times for the speed test will vary.
First we will perform a download broadband speed test and this will then be followed by an upload speed test so you get a full picture about what speed your broadband is running at.

The broadband speed test downloads a file to figure out how long the download takes and from this is works out the broadband speed.

The speed test works out how many "kb" your broadband is. As there are 1024kb in a Mb to keep things simple if you basically work on 1000kb per Mb will give you your broadband speed close enough.

Find out more about broadband speed tests and broadband speeds

This broadband speed test can be used for standard broadband internet connections and also mobile broadband.

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