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June 30, 2009

Vodafone launch 6 month mobile broadband contract

Vodafone are to launch a new six month mobile broadband contract which will likely be popular with those who don’t want to be tied to any contracts such as the 12, 18 or 24 month contracts like many deals require users to sign up to.

The 6 month contract will cost mobile broadband users £15 per month and they will receive 3Gb data transfer, for each additional Gb of data required they will be charged at £15.

The USB mobile broadband dongle will cost £29 which on the 12 month or longer deals is free. The advertised maximum speed that the Vodafone mobile broadband dongle can achieve is a reported 7.2Mb, although the actual speed is likely going to be not that close to this speed and more likely to be up to around 2Mb.
The dongle is also going to have an expansion slot for Micro SD cards so that it can double as a memory stick to store up to 4Gb of data.


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