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June 16, 2009

Students offered 3 months free broadband from Be Broadband

Be Broadband (View Offer) are offering students who sign up to one of their broadband deals by 30th June 2009 3 months free.

be broadband students Students offered 3 months free broadband from Be BroadbandAll the students need to do is when signing up they need to quote the promotion code “StudentOffer” during the sign up.

Basically Be Broadband is targeting those students who are staying at their University digs during the summer break and not heading home by offering broadband for free when University is shut.
They then only need to pay when University re-opens again, meaning only having to pay for 9 months out of the 12 they will have the broadband for, a saving of up to £64.50 depending on which broadband package they choose.

There are 3 different packages, Be Value at £13.50 per month, Be Unlimited at £17.50 per month or Be Pro at £21.50 per month. They are an ADSL2+ provider and can offer speeds of up to 24Mb.

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Author: Sheri @ 11:22 am

Video of the Avanti broadband Satellite construction

The BBC have filmed a short video about the construction of the HYLAS Satellite that is being built for Avanti Communications.

Their Satellite is going to be used to help deliver the minimum 2Mb broadband that is called for by the government for broadband in the UK by 2012.

The Satellite is set to launch later this year and will be a dedicated broadband satellite for Europe. The Avanti satellite will be able to provide satellite broadband to around 350,000 homes in the UK at the minimum 2Mb broadband speed.

The satellite will use the Ka-band of radio frequency which is able to send a more focused beam to Earth.

The Digital Britain Report is due  out today where more details about the delivery of broadband in the UK will be talked about.


June 11, 2009

Illegal file sharers not put off by warning letters from broadband providers

Warning letters from broadband ISPs is not enough to stop illegal file sharers from doing what they are doing.

Research done by paidContent:UK found that only 33% of illegal downloaders and file sharers would stop after receiving a single warning letter about their activity. However, a serious threat of disconnection from their broadband provider after receiving three warnings would however be enough to deter around 80% though.

Last year the report found that 70% said they would stop the activity if they received one warning letter, the reason in the huge reduction is because the question posed to respondents were worded differently.
This year those who were queried were asked about receiving a warning letter with no serious threat in it, last year it is thought that respondents assumed that further serious action would be taken although this was not put in the letter.

Currently it is the “Three Strikes” policy that has been talked most about, giving users three times being caught  illegal downloading or file sharing before their broadband is cut off although policing it could be hard with users able to disguise their traffic or share in different ways.


BT want BBC to pay iPlayer bandwidth contributions

BT is calling for the BBC to pay up if they want their iPlayer content to be available over their network. BT say the cost in terms of bandwidth is huge for delivering content for the iPlayer. The iPlayer allows users to watch BBC programmes online via their broadband connection and as it’s popularity continues to grow and more aqnd more broadband users make use of it the more it is costing in bandwidth bills.

BT was found to be throttling iPlayer traffic between 5pm and midnight when demand on the network was at it’s greatest, with users reporting that their broadband speeds dropped considerably when using iPlayer. It is not only BT who have done this, with many other ISPs also doing the same with many also saying that the BBC should pay contributions to the cost for delivering their content.

It would not just be the BBC with the iPlayer that contributions would be requested from, YouTube and other very high traffic video steaming sites could also be asked for contributions.
It is not unfeasible to see that the iPlayer could in future be delivering many peoples television direct into their living rooms  as people choose exactly what they want to watch and when they want to watch it.

One thought is the fact of net neutrality, why should one sites data be throttled and limited to customers and users just because it is popular and other sites get all their data sent at full unrestricted speeds which makes it an un-level playing field.

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Author: Mark @ 11:52 am

June 10, 2009

Free broadband isn’t enough to get everyone online

A  survey done for Ofcom, the Communications regulator, has found that 30% of homes in the UK don’t have broadband and of those there was 42% said they had no interest in getting it.

Their research resulted in finding that there were 3 different groups that those without the Internet fell into, these were:

  • Those intending to get the Internet in the next 6 months
  • The self-excluded
  • The financially excluded

There were 2 out of 10 who currently don’t have the Internet who were planning on getting it within the next 6 months, these on the whole were younger users who regularly use the Internet already away from the home who are working and also have children.

A huge 42% of those without Internet said that they don’t need or have no interest in getting on the Internet, with the majority being older people with 61% of these having never used a computer before. This group tend not to see any reasons why they would need the Internet.

The financially excluded group was made up of 30% of those without the Internet and of this group 3 out of 10 said the reason was because the cost of a computer was the main reason while 37% said the cost of the Internet was too much.

42% of those without the Internet said that they would be willing to pay something to have it, with 13% saying they would get it if they could get free Internet connection and a computer. There was 43% however who said that even if they were given free broadband they would still not be interested with these mainly being those who were 65 or over or those who were retired or those on low household incomes with no children living at home.

As the government wants to have everyone using the Internet it will be interesting to see what ways they will have to do to get all these without Internet and who have no desire to have the Internet to actually start using it. With more and more public services being put online the government will have to think ways and means through for these people.

The full “Accessing the Internet at home” report can be read at

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Author: Mark @ 2:40 pm

Average mobile broadband speed less than 1Mb

The average mobile broadband speed that UK mobile broadband users receive is just under 1Mb according to research done by Epitiro, the broadband communications authority.

The research found that users received on average just 24% of the advertised download speeds and web browsing is 34% slower than standard fixed line broadband.

The test results were collected from December 2008 to May 2009 from 1300 random mobile broadband users downloading Epitiro’s broadband monitoring software and creating over 1.4 million test results.

The whole range of online activities were monitored through the software including web surfing, downloading music and movies, VoIP telephone calling, Internet gaming and watching streaming video.
Online gaming didn’t fair well, with the average ping time on mobile broadband being 150 msec which is higher than the recommended 100 msec required for online gaming and much higher than the 50 msec that standard fixed line broadband offers.

1.8Mb broadband speeds were achieved on weekdays at 3 am, with the broadband speeds doubling to this speed from the average recorded it could be that contention could well be a big factor that is slowing the mobile broadband speeds down in the day time.

This is something that the mobile industry is going to have to look at if they are serious about mobile broadband being able to cover the remote places that fixed line broadband can’t reach for delivering the minimum 2Mb broadband that is going to be required as part of the Digital Britain report.

Users can test their broadband speed with a broadband speed test.


June 9, 2009

3 launch 5Gb for £15 mobile broadband on 1 month contract

3 Mobile broadband have launched a new 1 month sim only mobile broadband deal aimed at targeting those customers who don’t want to sign up for a lengthy mobile broadband contract.

3 mobile broadband 5gb 3 launch 5Gb for £15 mobile broadband on 1 month contract3 believe that this is the most flexible and affordable mobile broadband 1 month contract available and offers users 5GB data transfer per month for just £15.

All users need to do is stick the sim card in a 3 mobile dongle and they are away. The deal does not come supplied with a 3 mobile dongle but you can currently buy the ZTE MF627 USB Modem for just £19.99.

The 5GB usage per month should be enough for about 50 hours of surfing the Internet or to send 5,000 emails!

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Author: Rob @ 1:53 pm

Local broadband provider in for Internet Award

Local broadband provider “South West Internet CiC” have been short listed for an award at the Internet Industry Awards.

South West Internet are a wireless internet provider and have been shortlisted for the Corporate Social Responsibility Award due to their work in connecting rural companies in Somerset to a broadband connection.

Tim Snape, the Managing Director of South West Internet told

“We are proud and excited to reach the finals, as the award is for the company whose policies have had the most positive effect on society”

Thr other nominees that arey are up against are: Nominet, Orange, Sky and

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award is aimed at those companies whose policies have had the most positive effect on society.

The ISP Awards take place on 9th July at the Grosvenor Marriott Hotel.

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Author: Mark @ 11:45 am

TalkTalk extend free connection until 14th June

TalkTalk have extended their free connection offer until 14th June.

talktalk phone broadband TalkTalk extend free connection until 14th JuneFor anyone who signs up to their broadband and phone Essentials package by 14th June they won’t have to pay the £29.99 connection charge.

As well as the connection charge being free those signing up will also receive a free wireless router and free technical support when calling from a TalkTalk line.

Users will be signed up to an 18 month contract and receive an 8Mb broadband connection with a 40Gb download limit per month. On the phone front users will receive unlimited calls to UK landlines at evenings and weekends plus  free calls to millions of TalkTalk customers.

The cost of this is £6.49 per month but with the addition of £11.25 line rental the total payable per month for the broadband and phone is just £17.74.

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Author: Tony @ 10:39 am

BT could extend broadband network with “inexpensive modifications”

BT has told government ministers that through “inexpensive modifications” they could extend their high speed broadband connections to 93% of the population.

The talk of this comes as BT try to find ways to help achieve what the Digital Britain report wanted to achieve which was that everyone in the UK should have access to a broadband connection of at least 2Mb by 2012.

Currently BT has about 85% coverage of households with 2Mb broadband according to estimates by Ofcom and BT believe that due to their introduction of ADSL2+ technology (that can deliver maximum theoretical broadband speeds of 24Mb), improvements in peoples home wiring and the installation of second lines that this could be increased to 93%, just leaving 7% who would need to be sorted via other means such as satellite broadband or mobile broadband.

Currently the main talk has been for mobile broadband to cover the areas that are unable to achieve the 2Mb broadband target, with the government working with the mobile operators and looking at the possibility of giving access to part of the broadcast spectrum to them.

A BT insider told the Guardian newspaper:

“investment needs to be directed towards the most efficient solution and away from giving the mobile operators an unjustified subsidy. The fixed line network not only provides the best solution, it is also open to all operators on an equal basis thereby fostering competition rather than strangling it.”

As the BroadbandGenie website pointed out, it is a bit strange how BT can now find inexpensive improvements to their own network once the mobile operators were being offered deals by the government.

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Author: Sheri @ 10:10 am
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