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July 31, 2009

O2 Mobile broadband say £200 per extra GB a deterrent

O2 says it’s £200.70 per GB for extra data above an O2 mobile broadband customers limit is designed to be a deterrent.

We reported how a study found that 78% of mobile broadband users were unaware that they could face hefty charges if they went over their broadband usage limit, with O2 coming out as the worst with a charge of £200 per extra GB.

o2 mobile broadband dongle O2 Mobile broadband say £200 per extra GB a deterrentIn comparison T-Mobile didn’t charge customers if they went over their limit and instead warned them of the fact.

O2 said that very few of their customers went over the data transfer limit and that they text customers when they have used 50% of their allowance and again when they have used 90% and then if a customer goes over their limit they will receive another text.

When you consider that on a Pay & Go deal O2 charge £7.50 for 1Gb and 7 days mobile broadband access or for a full months access and 3Gb of data transfer a charge of £15 applies it goes to show how excessive the current fee is of £0.20 per Mb.

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Mobile broadband providers and their “Over Usage” charges

Mobile broadband users are unaware of the risk they face if they go over their download limits.

A survey by MoneSupermarket has found that a staggering 78% of mobile broadband users don’t realise that they could face hefty costs if they go over their download limits while using their dongle to connect to the Internet.

Of the mobile broadband providers it is T-Mobile broadband that were the only mobile broadband provider who did not charge customers for going over their limits, however the other providers were not as kind to their customers.

 Mobile broadband providers and their Over Usage chargesO2 came out worst by charging customers £200 per extra GB downloaded with no cap in place to warn customers. 3 mobile charged £102.40 per extra GB although they disconnect when a £50 cap is reached.

The other mobile broadband providers have penalty charges but are no way near as harsh as O2 & Three. For each GB over the allowance the charges are: Orange – £14.64, Virgin – £14.95 and Vodafone – £15.

Another worrying statistic that was found revealed that 24% of mobile broadband users didn’t know if they actually had a broadband download limit meaning that they could easily get stung with these extra charges if they were not careful.


July 30, 2009

Sky broadband hit 2.2 million customers

Sky Broadband have released their 2009 Q2 results which shows that they are the fastest growing broadband and home phone service provider in the UK.

In the 3 months to the end of June Sky broadband added 118,000 new broadband customers to it’s service which has taken their total broadband subscriber base to 2.2 million.

sky logo Sky broadband hit 2.2 million customersAlthough there has been a decline in the number of new broadband subscribers in the last 2 quarters (Q1 2009 – 130,000 new broadband customers and Q4 2008 – 163,000 new broadband customers) this is probably hardly surprising for 2 reasons, the first being that the recession will mean many are unable to afford the extra cost involved and the second is that most in the UK who actually want broadband already have it.

Despite the new additions Sky’s broadband and telephony operating loss was £129 million for the year to the end of June 2009 but with more Sky broadband customers getting moved onto their own unbundled network Sky are hoping to make a profit on their telephony very soon despite a reduced loss in 2009/2010.

Sky have 16% of it’s customers now take up triple play services from Sky with broadband, telephone and TV which is a 5% increase from June 2008.

The full Sky press release of their figure can be viewed here

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July 28, 2009

O2 Mobile broadband half the price of dongle for 1 week

O2 have halved the price of it’s Pre Pay mobile broadband dongle to bring the price down to just £14.67 for 1 week (Click here for offer)

o2 mobile broadband dongle O2 Mobile broadband half the price of dongle for 1 weekThe standard price for O2 Mobile broadband Pre pay dongle is £29.35 and this is the price it will revert back to next Tuesday 4th August.

The current O2 Mobile broadband Pay & Go charges are:

  • Mobile Broadband Daily (available for 24 hours) – For £2 for 500MB + Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Broadband Weekly (available for 7 days) – For £7.50 for 1GB + Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Broadband Monthly (available for 30 days) – For £15 for 3GB + Unlimited Wi-Fi

It was only last week that O2 launched a mobile broadband dongle amnesty in Manchester where users who had mobile broadband dongles from other broadband providers could bring them into an O2 shop and swap them for free for a O2 mobile broadband dongle.

This latest half price dongle offer is definitely worth getting for anyone who wants to try mobile broadband. To get your hald price O2 Mobile broadband dongle visit


Average broadband speed in UK is 4.1Mb

Ofcom has revealed it’s findings on broadband speeds that we are receiving in the UK and has found that the average speed we receive is 4.1Mb.

They recorded over 60 million readings from broadband speed tests that were performed in 1,600 homes from November 2008 to April 2009 and allowed Ofcom to compare the results of the 9 largest UK broadband providers.

The results from April 2009 showed that the average broadband speed in the UK was 4.1Mb which was lower than the average advertised “up to” speed which was at 7.1Mb.

Of those who were on an “up to” 8Mb service only 9% of them received a broadband speed over 6Mb and 19% received below 2Mb.
As is no surprise those broadband users living in urban areas received faster broadband speeds than those living in rural areas with those in urban areas receiving on average 4.6Mb and those in rural areas 3.3Mb

The results for the broadband providers tested were as follows:

AOL (‘up to’ 8Mbit/s)                        3.3 to 3.9Mbit/s
BT (‘up to’ 8Mbit/s)                           3.8 to 4.2Mbit/s
O2 (‘up to’ 8Mbit/s)*                        4.1 to 5.1Mbit/s
Orange (‘up to’ 8Mbit/s)                   3.8 to 4.5Mbit/s
Plusnet (‘up to’ 8Mbit/s)*                 3.8 to 4.9Mbit/s
Sky (‘up to’ 8Mbit/s)                         4.0 to 4.7Mbit/s
Talk Talk (‘up to’ 8Mbit/s)                 3.8 to 4.6Mbit/s
Tiscali (‘up to’ 8Mbit/s)                     3.2 to 3.7Mbit/s
Virgin Media (‘up to’ 10Mbit/s)          8.1 to 8.7Mbit/s

*Data for O2 and Plusnet should be treated with caution as sampled sizes were smaller than for other ISPs

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Author: Mark @ 3:53 pm

July 27, 2009

Karoo disconnect Illegal file sharers without warning in Hull

The only broadband provider in Hull, Karoo broadband, has changed it’s policy on suspected copyright violations using it’s service.

It emerged that users who were suspected of copyright violation on their network were having their broadband service disconnected without any warning and then been made to sign a form promising not to repeat the offence without the chance to appeal or put their own view or facts across before they would be reconnected.

karoo broadband Karoo disconnect Illegal file sharers without warning in HullThe biggest problem for residents of Hull is that they have no other choice of broadband provider to choose from unless they get mobile broadband as BT has no telephone lines installed in Hull. Kingston Communications are the telephone line supplier and also owner of Karoo broadband and hence have a bit of a monopoly in Hull.

There is a “Three Strikes” policy that is being adopted by most broadband providers and Karoo have now changed their own policy to mirror this since the whole news even got attention from the Open Right Group (view here).
They said that customers would from now receive three warning letters before they had their service disconnected.

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Author: Ruth @ 11:18 am

TalkTalk add 47,000 new broadband subscribers

The first quarter of 2009 has seen the TalkTalk Group add 47,000 new broadband subscribers which takes them to a total of 2.85 million.

TalkTalk also managed to migrate a further 59,000 customers on to it’s own unbundled (LLU) network which takes them over all to have 79% of their customers on their own network. The more customers they have on their own network gives them more economic leverage.

TalkTalk  bought the UK arm of Tiscali in May which was too late for these figures to be included in this report although they will be included in the Q2 report due out in October.

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July 23, 2009

Vodafone to buy BTs Irish broadband customers

BT is to sell it’s fixed line broadband customers in Ireland to Vodafone in a deal estimated to be worth around £4.1 million.

Before the deal can be done though it will need to be looked into by the competitions committee as if the sale goes ahead it will make Vodafone the second largest fixed line broadband provider in Ireland with 170,000 customers and a 15% share of the broadband market in Ireland.

Investment is also to be made to install ADSL2+ technology that can provide broadband speeds of up to 24Mb. BT will also be looking to unbundle 58 telephone exchanges so other providers can install their own equipment into them.


Free Facebook for Vodafone mobile and mobile broadband customers for a week

Vodafone are going to offer it’s mobile phone and Vodafone mobile broadband customers free access to Facebook for a week starting tomorrow, 24th July. It is part of their Free Friday promotion that they are running.

vodafone mobile Free Facebook for Vodafone mobile and mobile broadband customers for a weekMobile broadband users will see that their data counters pause when they go onto the Facebook website and mobile phone users won’t incur charges when they go on it with their mobile phone handset.

Mobile phone users will also be able to sign up for Facebook alerts which will give the option of receiving a text message when someone sends you a message, pokes you, adds you as a friend or something on Facebook.

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July 22, 2009

Half of UK broadband customers not switched in 4 years

Around half of broadband customers in the UK haven’t changed their broadband provider in the last 4 years according to a survey by

This staggering statistic is shown as even more interesting when the same website believes that the average broadband cost has fallen by 37% and the speed on average has increased by 700%!

Those customers who have not changed their broadband in this time could well find that they are paying more and receiving less of a broadband connection that others.
It is worth comparing broadband deals to see if you could end up with a better broadband service for less money and also to check if you current broadband provider has upgraded your service as developments have gone along to make sure you are on the best deal they have for your money.

There has also been an increase in the available broadband bundles packages that bundle digital TV and telephone in with your broadband and can mean even more savings can be made.

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