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January 28, 2010

BT Business Fibre broadband customers receive 12Mb speed guarantee

BT Business broadband customers who take up their new fibre broadband connections will receive a minimum 12Mb broadband speed guarantee from their up to 40Mb broadband speed connection.

For any customers who find that their business broadband speed drops below the 12Mb speed limit these customers can contact the BT 24/7 freephone help-desk where the problem will look to be fixed.

The BT Business Fibre broadband was announced very soon after the BT Infinity (BT’s home fibre broadband) was announced. This is to be made available to around 10 million UK homes by 2012.

BT Business Total Broadband Fibre starts at £30 (ex.VAT) per month. You can read more about that at BT Business Total Broadband Fibre.


January 26, 2010

Fibre Broadband wars hot up between BT and Virgin Media

With the BT Infinity fibre broadband service launching this week it is no surprise that BT are trying to make claims about their service being better than Virgin Medias and Virgin Media making claims that their service is better than BTs fibre broadband.

virgin media Fibre Broadband wars hot up between BT and Virgin MediaVirgin Media have been the UK’s fibre optic cable broadband supplier and have been the only ones able to push this service, that is until this week when BT officially launched BT Infinity which is their own fibre broadband service.

Virgin are not happy with claims from BT that choosing the BT Infinity service could save customer up to £7 per month compared to a Virgin Media fibre broadband service.
bt broadband Fibre Broadband wars hot up between BT and Virgin MediaVirgin Media have hit back saying that BT’s claims are not strictly true as they are comparing services which are not the same.
The Virgin XXL service that BT was comparing against offers broadband speeds up to 50MB and has Unlimited usage where as the BT service offers up to 40Mb and has a 20GB download limit. Another point is that BT Infinity customers would need to take a phone line out with BT where as no phone line is required with the Virgin Media service.

A Virgin Media spokesperson said:

“We’re not sure why people in the UK would want to wait for BT’s 40Mbps service which hasn’t launched yet, when they can already get Virgin Media’s great value 50Mbps service”


BT Business Total Broadband Fibre launches

Hot on the heels of the announcement of BT Infinity, the home fibre broadband offering from BT comes BT Business Total Broadband Fibre.

The BT Total Broadband Fibre is specifically aimed at business broadband users, it offers up to 40Mb broadband speeds and up to 10Mb upload speeds depending on which option you choose with prices starting at just £30 per month.

bt broadband BT Business Total Broadband Fibre launchesThe “Fibre broadband” packages offers up to 40Mb downloads speeds and up to 2Mb upload speeds with unlimited usage (fair use policy applies) for £30 (ex.VAT) per month.

The “Fibre broadband Plus” service offers up to 40Mb download speeds and up to 10Mb upload speeds with unlimited usage (fair use policy applies) and also offers a priority fault resolution for £45 (ex.VAT) per month.
Both these also come with a £75 one off charge and are based on 24 month contracts. For anyone who wants a 12 month contract the price is an extra £5 per month.

There is also “Fibre broadband & phone line” deal coming soon which will offer a choice of either of the two previously mentioned fibre broadband deals plus a new business phone line and this will cost £44.45 (ex.VAT) per month and also a £174 one off charge.


January 25, 2010

TalkTalk could launch own fibre optic broadband network

TalkTalk the UK broadband provider could launch it’s own fibre broadband network according to Charles Dunstone, the Chief Executive of the Carphone Warehouse.

Mr Dunstone told the Financial Times that they are looking into the feasibility of TalkTalk launching it’s own fibre optic network possibly by even joining up with a rival broadband provider to fund install it.

The talk comes after it is believed that TalkTalk are one of the broadband providers who are not happy about the proposed agreement from BT Wholesale for using their new fibre network and claim that it does not give them enough scope for their own innovation.

BT are investing around £1.5bn in their new fibre optic network, and have called it BT Infinity and have already started rolling out and hope to have it available to 10 million UK homes by 2012.


January 21, 2010

“BT Infinity” fibre broadband pricing revealed

BT has released the pricing for it’s new fibre broadband which it is calling BT Infinity.

The BT Infinity fibre broadband network will allow those connected to it to have broadband download speeds of up to 40Mb with upload speeds of up to 10Mb.

bt infinity BT Infinity fibre broadband pricing revealedBT Infinity will be available to order from the 25th January for those areas that have it enabled. BT is installing FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) for most of it’s fibre network with a few places getting FTTH (Fibre To The Home) which is even faster.
BT aim to have 10 million homes in the UK connected to it’s BT Infinity network by the start of the London Olympics in 2012.

The pricing for the services is very competitive with the BT Infinity Option 1 costing £19.99 per month plus a £50 activation fee.
For this users receive up to 40Mb download speeds and up to 2Mb upload speeds and 20GB monthly usage. There is also a free BT Infinity Home Hub, basic security and a free engineer installation.

BT Infinity Option 2 costs £24.99 per month with no activation fee. This gives users up to 40Mb broadband download speeds and 10Mb upload speeds with unlimited usage (fair use policy applies), a free BT Infinity Home Hub, Advanced McAfee security and a free engineer installation.


January 20, 2010

Virgin Broadband users have downloads monitored

Virgin Media are starting to inspect the traffic that goes through their fibre broadband network to see how much of it could be illegal.

The Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is being provided by Detica and currently does not take note of the IP address of the users it monitors and those who are downloading files illegally and so won’t be used at present to target offenders.

The technology is reportedly able to see what type of files are being downloaded by users and file sharers and able to match them up to a database if they are illegal downloads for example of music or films or if they are just personal photo albums exchanged between family members.

At this stage it is just being used so Virgin Media can see how much illegal traffic is going through it’s Virgin Broadband fibre network, although there is nothing ruling out that in future it being used to target those guilty of Internet piracy.


January 15, 2010

O2 Broadband and home phone bundles to launch

O2 are to start offering broadband and home phone bundles as of March.

o2 home phone coming O2 Broadband and home phone bundles to launch

The O2 bundles will be available on their Standard, Premium, Pro and Access broadband packages and can be coupled with an Evening & Weekend calls to UK landlines package for £9.50 per month or an Anytime calls to landlines and international calls for £12.50 per month.

O2 Broadband has regularly won awards and praise for the broadband services it provides has now stepped into offering home phone services to new and existing O2 Broadband customers.

This makes the cheapest combined broadband and phone package which also includes the line rental at just £17 per month providing the subscriber is an O2 Mobile customer which provides a £5 per month discount.

The full tariff list can be viewed below.

o2 home phone broadband tariffs O2 Broadband and home phone bundles to launch


January 14, 2010

Manchester Corridor to get 100Mb fibre broadband network

The Manchester Corridor is set to have a 100Mb fibre broadband network built available to both residents and businesses.

The Manchester Corridor runs down Oxford Road and that area of the city and so the fibre network will benefit around 500 businesses and 1000 homes to begin with.

manchester corridor fibre broadband Manchester Corridor to get 100Mb fibre broadband networkThe work is being paid for by the Northwest Development Agency (NWDA) who have put forward £1 million to fund the project which will be done by Geo who are UK Fibre specialists.

The project will likely be watched closely by other areas of the country as instead of waiting for BT or Virgin Media to install their own networks the project has been funded in another way so the development can start much sooner, if successful then it could trigger other similar schemes off throughout the UK.

The fibre network will be FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) which is the same style as the FTTH (Fibre The The Home) networks that BT are installing to parts of the UK, however the majority of the networks that BT will be installing are FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) which will deliver broadband speeds of up to 40Mb and not the 100Mb that FTTP/FTTH are likely to achieve.

The start of the project is set to be in spring this year with an initial 200 premises (both home and businesses) connected and then over the next year 1,500 homes and businesses are likely to receive it too.


UK way down list of fastest broadband nations

The UK is positioned way down the list of broadband nations in the latest study of the worldwide broadband market.

We are positioned in a disappointing 26th in the league table of broadband speeds after research done by Akamai was published in their latest quarterly “State of the Internet” report for Q3 2009.

Topping the list is South Korea who have an average broadband speed of 14.6Mb, Japan 7.9Mb, Hong Kong 7.6Mb, Romania 6.2Mb, Sweden 5.7Mb and Ireland 5.3Mb.

Looking down the list the USA comes in with 3.9Mb and the UK with just 3.5Mb average broadband speed. Globally the average broadband speed is just 1.7Mb.

The positive to look at this is that it means that we have plenty of scope to catch up providing the continued investment in fibre broadband continues which will bring us much faster broadband speeds.

The full table of countries and their broadband speeds can be viewed below. For anyone who wants to see how fats their own broadband connection is can do so by running a broadband speed test.
world broadband speed q3 2009 UK way down list of fastest broadband nations


January 13, 2010

BE Broadband line bonding to offer 40Mb broadband speeds

BE Broadband are to launch line bonding which will mean that they can offer broadband at double the speed.

Line bonding is the process of taking two broadband connections and making them work as 1, so you receive double the speed.
So for those currently receiving 20Mb broadband they can expect to receive 40Mb broadband with the line bonding and a 5Mb upload speed, this takes it up to the similar speeds that fibre broadband is initially going to be available from BT.

The service from BE Broadband is initially going to be made available to their existing Pro members although BE have stated that initially they will only be doing a small number of orders and say that they are doing a “softly softly launch”.

The process of the line bonding is not cheap or as simple as running a single connection and BE will be charging those customers who want it a connection fee of around £85 with the monthly fee to members being around £50-£55 per month.

Existing BE Broadband Pro customers can register their interest now at

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