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June 29, 2010

2 months free fibre broadband, TV and Phone from Virgin Media

Fibre Optic broadband provider Virgin Media are offering new customers 2 months free when they take a out a triple play bundled service.

virgin media logo 300x257 2 months free fibre broadband, TV and Phone from Virgin MediaThe Triple play service includes Broadband, Television and Home Phone with prices starting at just £18 per month for all three services (when taking a Virgin Phone line at £11.99 per month). On top of this there is a further saving of £35 with the free installation offer also available.

The cheapest triple play service from Virgin Media ( consists of the Broadband Size L which offers up to 10Mb fibre broadband, TV Size M+ which has over 65 digital TV channels and Phone Size M which offers unlimited weekend UK landline calls all for just £18 per month on a 12 month contract.

When choosing a Virgin Media bundle, providing that the Home Phone Size M is chosen then users can choose either the Broadband XL or XXL and the TV Size L or XL  and receive 2 months free.

It is often cheaper for customers to buy bundled services from one supplier than getting then from individual suppliers, it also means only having to deal with one company and to pay one bill.


June 28, 2010

BT Vision add Sky Sports 1 & 2 to viewing channels

BT Vision customers will now be able to watch Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 after a deal between BT and BSkyB will see the wholesale supply of the channels.

BT Vision is BT’s broadband based TV service (IPTV) and will be able to offer subscribers the two Sky Sports channels from the 1st August, with sign ups for them being taken in early July. This comes just in time for the new Premier League football season which is due to kick off on August 14th.

The Chief Executive of BT Retail, Gavin Patterson said:

We are delighted to have reached this milestone, which means that we can be certain of offering Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 to our customers before the football season kicks off.  We know our customers will be keen to sign up for the two channels.

There is currently no pricing for how much it will cost to take up these channels with BT Vision but they will be announced soon. For a basic BT Vision subscription it costs £7.50 per month for BT Broadband customers.


June 25, 2010

Free TalkTalk broadband for those in the Armed Forces

TalkTalk are offering free broadband for those in the Armed Forces and their families to get behind British Armed Forces Day.

British Armed Forces Day takes place tomorrow (26th June) and those in the British Armed Forces and their families can get 1 years free broadband and phone which usually costs £6.99 per month. All they need ot pay is their line rental at £11.49 per month and a one off connection charge of £29.99. Users will need to sign up for an 18 month contract and the offer runs until 10th July 2010.

We’ve decided to get behind British Armed Forces Day by giving away a year’s free broadband to those in the Armed Forces and their families. They deserve recognition and thanks, and we can play our own small part by putting together this exclusive deal.

As well as getting free high speed broadband for 12 months, Armed Forces personnel will benefit from a call package that include free evening and weekend calls to any UK landline.

It’s no problem for those who have already got broadband: we’ll help with the switchover process so that they can start saving money straight away.

So, if you know anyone in the Forces who would like a year’s free broadband, send them over to sign up. The promotion is available for a limited time only via


June 24, 2010

400Mb fibre broadband plans from Virgin Media

Virgin Media are looking to increase broadband speeds to 400Mb.

virgin media 400Mb fibre broadband plans from Virgin MediaBy the end of the year Virgin Media (  plan to be offering 100Mb fibre broadband to it’s customers, this is double the current headline speed that they currently have available of 50Mb of which there are around 70,000 customers signed up to it. They are also already doing trials and test on 200Mb broadband but it seems that they have even faster targets that they want to strive to be able to offer. Virgin Media already have a new modem lined up to be available by the end of the year that is able to deal with 400Mb broadband.

Virgin are already in front of BT when it comes to offering the fastest broadband speeds, and with BT’s own fibre broadband network only going to be offering 40Mb to most people Virgin are making sure that they keep their noses well out in front in the fast lane.

BT’s fibre broadband network is only offering fibre broadband to the cabinet (FTTC) and then from there it will rely on copper wires to take the broadband that final distance to the house and as such BT are offering headline speeds of40Mb for their fibre broadband, however Virgin offer their fibre broadband direct to the house and as such are able to offer faster speeds as their whole connection is done with fibre.
Only a few selected places, mainly new build locations are where BT will be installing fibre directly to the house but for the majority of people it will just be FTTC.

Virgin Media currently only cover around half of the UK but are looking at extending this with the use of using existing telephone cables to help reach other parts of the country with it’s fibre broadband, an estimated 1 million homes around the country in more rural areas could be reached from doing this.


June 23, 2010

England v Slovenia World Cup game watch online

Those interested in watching Englands final World Cup group stage game can do so online with their broadband connection.

The England v Slovenia game kicked off at 3pm and those wanting to watch it online can do so on the BBC iPlayer –


Broadband Tax for fibre broadband scrapped in emergency Budget

Yesterdays emergency budget by the new Government has finally confirmed that the “broadband tax” that Labour wanted to bring in has been scrapped.

Labours 50p per month broadband tax was to be charged to every phone line in the UK with the money raised used to help fund the roll out of fibre optic broadband across the UK.

The new Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne said:

I am happy to be able to abolish this new duty before it is even introduced.
Instead, we will support private broadband investment, including to rural areas, in part with funding from the digital switchover under-spend within the TV licence fee.

The broadband tax would have cost those with a phone line around £6 per year, with those with more than one telephone lines having to pay for each line they have. Labour figured it would raise between £175m-£200m per year to help fund the roll out of Next Generation fibre broadband, however the Conservatives are going to use the extra money that has been left over from the digital switchover to help fund getting this fibre broadband out into rural areas where it is not financially feasible for companies such as BT to fund the deployment themselves.

It is estimated that there is around £300 million left in the digital switchover fund, with many not believing that this will be enough to make sure all rural ares get broadband.

There will be a slight rise potentially on broadband prices with VAT rising 2.5% up to 20% which is due to come into effect on 4th January 2011.


June 21, 2010

Free iPad micro sim card from 3 Mobile

3 Mobile have launched a free iPad sim for those who want to connect their Apple iPads to the internet.

ipad 234x300 Free iPad micro sim card from 3 MobileThe iPad takes a Micro-SIM which is smaller in size than a standard mobile phone sim and is required to connect the iPad to a mobile broadband connection.

There are two Micro-SIM data plans available for the iPad.

Micro-SIM Only
1 month rolling contract
1GB usage
£7.50 per month

Micro-SIM Only
1 month rolling contract
10GB usage
£15 per month

Claim your free iPad SIM card at


Unlimited Wi-Fi access for BT Broadband & O2 Mobile customers

BT Broadband customers are now able to have unlimited Wi-Fi acess at the 1.5 million available hotspots provided by BT around the country.

The unlimited access will be available to BT Total Broadband and O2 Mobile customers by accessing it on the BT Openzone and BT FON networks. BT FON is a Wi-Fi community where BT Broadband customers choose if they want to share their broadband connection with other BT FON members and in exchange they are able to securely access other BT-FON members broadband connections, it is basically one big Wi-Fi sharing community.

With the ever increasing requirement from users to access broadband away from the home through devices such as smartphones, iPad and laptops and with the recent announcement that O2 are going to withdraw the unlimited internet access that it offered with smartphones and instead set limits on how much data users can access to tie in with the launch of the new iPhone 4 which becomes available this Thursday 24th June the availability of more free Wi-Fi hotspots to use these devices will become a real bonus.

The BT Openzone Wi-Fi network is available in locations such as airports, city centers, coffee shops and hotels.

In total there are around 1.5 million hotspots across the country, with this figure havign increased by 800,000 during 2009 and expected tro rise to a total of 2.5 million by the end of 2011.


June 18, 2010

Watch England v Algeria World Cup Game online with broadband

This evening England take on Algeria in their second game of the group stages of the World Cup with fans able to watch the action online.

world cup trophy Watch England v Algeria World Cup Game online with broadbandFor those who want to watch the game online via their broadband connection they can do by going to the ITV Live website where the game will be streamed live online.

The England v Algeria Group C game takes place at the Cape Town Stadium with Kick Off at 7.30pm but coverage on ITV starting at 7pm.

Those watching World Cup games online at the ITV Live website can also chat live with other fans and also read stats about the teams as the game is taking place if they wish or there is also the option of having just standard viewing with no other distractions if you wish.

To watch the World Cup games online that that ITV have, visit:


June 16, 2010

Plusnet broadband for £4.99 with discount code

Plusnet are now offering broadband for under a fiver, at just £4.99 per month!

 Plusnet broadband for £4.99 with discount codeThe Plusnet Value deal originally cost £6.49 per month but they have reduced this by £1.50 per month to make it even cheaper broadband for a year providing customers sign up online before July 8th and enter the discount code.

Plusnet Value offers up to 8Mb broadband with 10GB usage (free usage between midnight and 8am) and a free wireless router and for this limited time customers can save £18 on the cost of it for the first year.

To take up the deal, sign up online at before July 8th and enter Discount Code: OFFER

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