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August 26, 2010

Average broadband price decreasing in Europe & USA with speeds increasing

The average price of broadband in America and Europe has come down on average by €5 (£4) in past 6 months.

The study was done by Analysys Mason and they looked at prices from the fourth quarter 2009 up to the second quarter 2010 and included at single, double and triple play services when doing so. More than 1,000 bundles were studied of the report.

Alongside the priced coming down we have however also seen broadband speeds increasing which is only a good thing for consumers.

The average price stood at €40.70.

Martin Scott, the Senior Analyst at Analysys Mason said:

“Almost 20% of the tariffs we tracked during the second quarter of 2010 offered downstream bandwidths of 30Mbit/s or greater (although the proportion of subscribers that actually take these ultra-fast services is likely to be much lower than 20%). Consequently, the average price per megabit per second has declined from EUR7.5 in the fourth quarter of 2009 to just EUR5.8 in the second quarter of 2010.

Having said that, the premium that providers charge for mobile broadband services is also eroding. Prepaid mobile broadband services with usage caps of 3GB or more (which are sufficient for light users) now undercut entry-level fixed broadband service propositions in terms of price in most Western European countries.”

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August 25, 2010

T-Mobile mobile Broadband offer with 30 days free use

T-Mobile are running a limited time offer on their PayG Mobile Broadband with a price reduction and free days.

T-Mobile broadband offerThe price of the T-mobile PayG mobile broadband has been reduced from £19.99 to just £8.99 + a £10 top up. Customers will receive 30 days of browsing for free when they buy their first days browsing for a cost of £2.

The T-Mobile dongle allows users to access the Internet from almost anywhere without the need to have a fixed line Internet connection which makes using a laptop to access the Internet when out and about far easier.

The offer is limited time and is available until 30th September and is available on both the black and pink MBB 610 sticks.

Offer available at:


August 23, 2010

Demon launch Gaming Broadband deal

Demon Internet are launching a gamers broadband deal that will give online gamers a better online gaming experience.

The new Gamer Broadband is called “Demon Game Pro” and it offers a very low latency gaming connection which means that gaming traffic is prioritised and users will have improved ping times along with 24 x 7 UK based support.

Demon Gamer BroadbandThe Demon Game Pro package offers up to 20Mb broadband speeds with 1Mb upload, there are no usage restriction sin off-peak times and 100Gb usage allowance for peak times (between 8am-11pm). The traffic gets prioritised with users also receiving a free wireless router and a free static IP Address.

To mark the launch of their Gaming broadband deal, Demon are offering it at a special launch price of £21.99 per month or if users just want to test it then a 3 month contract can be taken for £23.99 per month with a £29.99 connection fee.

The head of Demon, Matt Cantwell said:

“We know how important a good broadband connection is to the gaming community, and we are excited to be launching this product which has been designed to meet the specific needs of gamers.  At Demon we appreciate that a better connection allows better gaming, and are confident that gamers will see the benefits that this service offers them.”

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August 20, 2010

BT upgrading South West & Wales to 21CN faster broadband

Places in the South West and Wales are set to get connected up to BT’s 21CN (21st Centrury Network) which will offer broadband speeds up to 20Mb.

The 21CN uses ADSL2+ technology and by spring next year a further 200 cabinets are due to be upgraded to this technology. This will mean that a further 90,000 homes and businesses in the South West of England plus around 70,000 in Wales will have access to these faster broadband speeds.

Altogether, by next year BT will have covered 56% of South West properties which will be more than 1.2 million premises.

These upgrades to BT’s network are in addition to the work they are doing in rolling our their Next Generation Fibre broadband network (BT Infinity) which will offer broadband users speeds up to 40Mb for those connected to FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) or up to 100Mb for the lucky ones connected to FTTH (Fibre To The Home).

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August 18, 2010

TalkTalk launch 6 months free broadband and phone

TalkTalk are offering a huge 6 months free broadband and phone for customers who sign up online.

talktalk logo TalkTalk launch 6 months free broadband and phoneThis special online only offer from TalkTalk ( launches today (Wednesday 18th August) and will run until Thursday 30th September. Customers need to sign up to the Essentials package on an 18 month contract to be able to get the 6 months free after which time they will have to pay the standard rate of £6.99 per month.

The line rental is not free and will need to be paid at a charge of £11.49 per month and there is also the one off connection charge of £29.99.

What the TalkTalk Essentials package offers customers is up to 24Mb broadband, 40Gb monthly data transfer, a free wireless router and unlimited calls to UK landlines on evenings and weekends.


August 17, 2010

Virgin Media launch free Malware defence campaign for customers

Virgin Media have launched a free malware defence campaign to help protect customers computers from malware such as viruses, trojans and spyware.

virgin media logo Virgin Media launch free Malware defence campaign for customersThe free service will be available customers who have Virgin Media broadband and be in adition to the free security package that customers already receive with their broadband service.

The executive director of broadband at Virgin Media, Jon James said:

We’re writing to customers we’ve been told may be infected by malware, encouraging them to check their computers have an up to date security package, such as Virgin Media Security, and offering advice on simple and free ways to disinfect their computer. For those who need a little bit more help we also have our fee-based Digital Home Support service which fixes problems using the latest cutting edge remote control technology.”

“Malware doesn’t just affect computers – it can affect lives. It’s time for ISPs to go beyond the basics and do whatever they can to help protect their customers from this growing problem. Customers may think they are protected, but with the ease by which malware can infect a computer – even just by visiting a innocent-looking website – we’re going to do whatever we can to help defend our customers from serious consequences such as identity theft, and even banking fraud.”

Virgin Media will be working with organisation and groups such as The Shadowserver Foundation who monitor the spread of malware around the internet.

Those customers who Virgin Media are informed are likely to be infected with malware will be sent a letter from Virgin Media which will tell them how to scan their computer and also remove viruses. They will also be given the details for how to sign up (at a cost) to Virgin’s home support service which is able to access customers computers remotely to remove malware.


August 13, 2010

Are BT installing Fibre optic broadband near me?

With BT aiming to have 66% coverage of the UK with fibre optic broadband by 2015 many people who are yet to be moved onto the faster next generation broadband may be wondering if they are getting close to having fibre broadband services turned on.

BT do release lists of which towns and areas they are going to be covered and update this as and when new towns are put on it, however, just so you know what to look out for we have been out and grabbed you a picture of what you need to be looking for as the tell tale sign that you are getting close to receiving fibre broadband.

The picture below is of two BT street side cabinets. The smaller cabinet on the right is the old cabinet that the will probably be currently supplying your telephone and broadband services through. This is connected to the telephone exchange via copper wires.
The larger green cabinet on the left of the image is one of the new BT cabinets that will be supplied with fibre optic cable from the main telephone exchange. For most of us from here the broadband will then be delivered to us from the existing copper wires that currently supply us. This is the set up that the majority of the country will be receiving from BT, and is known as Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC).

bt fibre cabinets Are BT installing Fibre optic broadband near me?


Fibre broadband through Bournemouth sewers flushed down the pan

The plans by Fibrecity to use the sewage system in Bournemouth to deploy it’s own fibre optic network across the city appear to have been flushed down the pan!

fibrecity Fibre broadband through Bournemouth sewers flushed down the panThe i3 Group who were planning on offering fibre to the home (FTTH) with broadband speeds up to 100Mb by utilising the sewage systems in Bournemouth to make the deployment far cheaper than would be available by digging up roads.

In a statement sent to PC Pro the CEO of i3 Group, Elfed Thomas said:

“It is our opinion that Wessex Water has been short sighted in putting commercial demands above the opportunity to provide a low-cost fibre optic network that will deliver superfast broadband to their own customers.”

Ian Drury from Wessex Water said:

“The reason the project in Bournemouth didn’t move forward was because there were contractual problems. The technology methodology didn’t work for us, nor did the reward for placing the cables in the sewers.

We would certainly look at other proposals should they arise, if the terms and conditions are right for us. We haven’t ruled out putting fibre-optic cables in sewers.”

Elsewhere, Scottish Water have not had issues with allowing the use of their sewers for the laying of the fibre optic broadband cable by the i3 Group and in-fact say that it generates revenue along with the help and management and repair of pipes.

In the future we should not rule out the possibility that the government and Ofcom may rule that sewerage systems and BTs cable ducts are forced to be made to open up their access to allow others to utilise the infrastructure already there for the laying of fibre optic cables.


August 11, 2010

TalkTalk up charges amid claims of hypocrisy

TalkTalk are facing claims of hypocrisy after they announced that they would be raising it’s monthly landline fee by 55p per month after having previously slating Labours plans to bring in the 50p per month “broadband tax”.

talktalk logo TalkTalk up charges amid claims of hypocrisyBack when Labours controversial 50p per month “broadband tax” was being talked about as a way to raise funds to pay for next generation broadband in rural areas, TalkTalk were against the plans and said that they believed it would drive people off broadband.

One quote from their own blog on 24th March 2010 said:

We think this tax is an unfair, regressive and wasteful way of funding superfast broadband which would deliver less benefit than it will cost, slow superfast broadband roll-out and drive around 200,000 homes off broadband.

Also, a quote from Charles Dunstone, the Chief Executive of TalkTalk:

As well as being unfair we estimate that the increase in price will mean that over 100,000 mostly low income homes will be forced to give up their broadband lines. This is wholly inconsistent with the Government’s plans to tackle digital exclusion by increasing uptake and use of broadband.

The hypocrisy claims aren’t hard to spot, saying that 100,000 or 200,000 homes could be put off broadband due to a 50p per month line rental “broadband tax” charge and then months later to up your own line rental charge by 55p per month sort of stinks of double standards.

However, TalkTalk said the following to PcPro

The difference is the Government wasn’t implementing a price rise, it was implementing a tax.
It wouldn’t have stopped providers increasing prices to maintain their business.

The new charges are set to come in on the 1st October 2010 with line rental charges being upped from £11.49 per month to £12.04 per month, day time calls will also be increased from 5.8p to 6.4p per minute. These rises follow a similar prise rise for line rental and call charges that BT recently introduced.


August 9, 2010

Inmarsat to launch 50Mb Satellite broadband that can be used on planes

Inmarsat who are a UK satellite broadband provider have signed a contract with Boeing that will see them get three 702HP Ka-band satellites which will be able to deliver broadband speeds of up to 50Mb.

The main target use for these services are for people on cruise ships and airplanes and it will change the way that people are able to access the internet when on the move, especially when on flights.

inmarsat Inmarsat to launch 50Mb Satellite broadband that can be used on planesThe three new satellites will be used to make up the new Inmarsat-5 (I-5) constellation and will be used to support the next generation global service called Global Xpress.
The cost of the three new satellites and the development of the Golbal Xpress service will be about £750m ($1.2 bn) over 4 and a half years.
However, within 5 years of the Global Xpress being launched Inmarsat are aiming to be taking in around $500m per year in Ka-band revenues.

The aim is for the Global Xpress services being available using these satellites during 2014.

Andrew Sukawaty, the chairman and chief executive of Inmarsat said:

This is a new investment for growth. With the Global Xpress network, we will be the first operator to offer global broadband coverage, offering unparalleled speeds and bandwidth to customers in remote locations around the world.

Global Xpress will be faster and less expensive than current Ku-band market offerings, it will be delivered to smaller and cheaper terminals and be the first offered on a seamless, global, end-to-end basis with high-quality of service. Picture 50Mpbs services to a ship or aircraft, and 10Mpbs to an antenna the size of an iPad (20cm).

“The Inmarsat-5s will also complement our existing global L-band services, allowing us to offer unique hybrid packages using both networks, giving users unprecedented levels of resilience and reliability in remote and harsh environments.

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