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July 27, 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony watch live coverage online

The London Olympics Opening Ceremony is set to be watched all around the world this evening on TV sets and streaming online, with some reports that up to 4 billion people will be watching it live!

The ceremony starts at 21:00 BST and lasts for 2 hours. In the UK the whole ceremony will be able to be watched on the BBC with the BBC iPlayer also streaming the whole Olympic Opening Ceremony live and depending on how many people are going to stream the whole London 2012 ceremony via their computers could see demand for broadband hit usage hit huge levels.

What is more likely is that globally people will use their internet connections to catch up on the Olympic Opening Ceremony and Olympic sporting events that will take place throughout the day.

For those with a a valid UK TV License can watch the London 2012 opening ceremony live on the BBC iPlayer.


Sky broadband customers pass 4 million

Sky Broadband have hit 4 million Sky broadband customers for the first time which has helped to drive profits up and puts BSkyB in a position to do a £500m share buyback.

sky logo Sky broadband customers pass 4 millionThe twelve months results for month ending 30th June 2012 show positive movement for the communications provider.
On a like for like basis, revenue was up 4.5% to £6.791 billion, there is also an operating profit of £1.223 billion which is 14% up and there is a chance this could rise to 18% making it the highest level for six years.

Skys total customer base stands at 10.6 million which is 312,000 up on the previous year across all it’s products. A thing Sky will be pleased to see is there is a growing trend for customers to take triple play services, with this being up now at 32% (previously 27%) with 3.2 million customers.

Jeremy Darroch, Chief Executive of Sky, said:

In what remains a tough economic environment, customers are choosing Sky over other
providers. We’ve continued to add new households and existing customers are remaining
loyal and taking more products from us. More than 9 million homes are now choosing to
watch their TV through Sky+, we’re helping more customers to save money in home
communications and innovative services like Sky Go are adding even more value to their


July 23, 2012

BT wins £425m Wales broadband contract

BT have won the contract and funds to roll out broadband in Wales to areas where they were initially not going to roll out to due to it not being financially viable.

BT had already ear marked the places where they would be able to roll out superfast broadband across the UK, these are mainly in densely populated areas where there is a greater chance for a better return on their £2.5 billion investment. The Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) fund was set up with government money for companies to bid for to deliver broadband to the harder to reach parts of the country that were not in BT’s coverage plan due to them not being financially viable, this included many parts of Wales.

This project in Wales is worth around £420 million, with BT investing £220m into it themselves. The rest is coming from the Welsh Government (£58m), BDUK (£57m) and the European Regional Development Fund (£90m).

Currently in Wales, around 1 in 5 households have very slow or no broadband connections, it is expected that this figure will drop to around 1 in 50 by the time BT have completed their work. It is expected that the superfast broadband will see Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) deployed much like BT are doing for the majority of their fibre deployment around the country.

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July 11, 2012

Fujitsu pull out of bidding for Cumbria broadband funds leaving just BT

Japanese tech firm Fujitsu have pulled out of bidding for the superfast broadband delivery in Cumbria leaving only BT left to bid for the funds.

Fujitsu believe they need to be able to reach 1 million customers for it to make economic sense for them to invest, they need this number to be then able to market their network to the likes of Virgin Media.

The governments “Broadband Delivery UK” scheme  was set up to help fund the deployment of high speed broadband networks in rural areas of the country. There has been lots of criticism about the funding process for BDUK funds by other providers as it is just BT & Fujitsu who were whittled down to be able to put in tenders for the funds from an original 9 suppliers who had started out wanting to be involved.

Fujitsu themselves have only bid for 2 areas so far, Cumbria (which they have subsequently pulled out from) and North Yorkshire which is expected to see BT win the funds for anyway.

In June, Cumbria Country Council rejected bids from both BT & Fujitsu and gave them until September this year to provide a better proposal for, BT are now sitting in a far prettier position since they are left as the only contender for the contract now which is expected to be worth around £40 million when private investment has also been accounted for too.


July 5, 2012

Good night for Plusnet & B4RN at the ISPA Awards 2012

The 2012 ISPA Awards saw Plusnet win the “top” award of best consumer fixed broadband while Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) won the Internet Hero award.

The event which took place earlier this week saw 14 awards available (even if 1 award was for Internet Villain) for various different categories in this now annual ISPA Award ceremony that is into it’s 14th year. There were 2 new categories added to this years bill, these were the “Customer choice award” and the “Best New ISP” as the size and scope of this award ceremony grows in importance.

The “main” award the big ISPs would be after winning was the “Best Consumer Fixed Broadband” award and this went to the BT owned company, Plusnet. Plusnet were awarded this award because the judge were impressed by Plusnet’s flexibility, good range of services, value for money, 10 day cancellation and per-configured routers.

It was also a great night for B4RN (Broadband for the Rural North) who picked up the Internet Hero award due to their work in bringing high speed internet into remote rural communities and setting an example for other remote rural communities to look at doing the same.

Nicholas Lansman, the ISPA Secretary General, said:

ISPA would like to congratulate all the winners and thank all the attendees and sponsors for making the evening possible.

It’s been another important and fast-moving 12 months for the internet industry, and the Awards are a good measure of achievement and innovation in the past year.

The run down of the 14 award categories and their respective winners are listed below.

  • Best SME Business Hosting: Netcetera
  • Best Large Business Hosting: Fidonet
  • Best Internet telephony: iNet Telecoms (Voipfone)
  • Best Managed Service Innovation: Fluidata
  • Best New ISP: Hyperoptic
  • Best Business Customer Service: KC Business
  • Best Consumer Customer Service: Catalyst 2
  • Digital Inclusion in association with Go ON UK: Mersey Travel
  • Internet Safety & Security: TalkTalk, with KC highly commended
  • Customer Choice Award: MacAce
  • Best Consumer Fixed Broadband: Plusnet
  • Best Business Fixed Broadband: Fluidata
  • Internet Hero: The ISPA Council chose Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN)
  • Internet Villain: The ISPA Council chose the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

July 3, 2012

Openreach launch full Fibre To The Premises

Yesterday saw Openreach announce their full commercial launch of their Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) range of broadband services and products.

This launch from BT Openreach will mean that not only will BT be retailing the full fibre broadband to it’s customers in the areas that it has been made available but also to their wholesale distributors who can also start to market it to their own broadband customers.

The Openreach MD for Network Investment, Mike Gavin, said:

“The commercial launch of FTTP is a major milestone. Whilst we believe that FTTC will provide speeds that are suitable for consumers for some time, these FTTP products will allow CPs (Communications Providers) to offer SMEs and other bandwidth-hungry users the option of even higher speeds – some of the fastest in the world – and build propositions which help to grow the market for these higher-speed services.”

This now means that BT’s wholesale fibre products can now offer fibre broadband speeds from 40Mb to 330Mb download and between 2Mb and 30Mb upload.

There are initially 15 areas where the full fibre broadband has been deployed and so people living in these areas will be able to sign up for the full FTTP services, BT will be looking to install FTTP in a few more areas and also looking to deploy it in areas where new housing developments are being built and in place such as apartment blocks. It is anticipated that around 10-15% of UK households will have access to full Fibre To The Premises.

From Spring 2013 BT are to start offering FTTP on Demand where customers in areas where FTTC has been deployed will be able to pay extra to have their line upgraded to full fibre, trials of this service are just starting now in a few areas around the UK.


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