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January 29, 2013

Broadband fastest at 4am and slowest at 9pm

The fastest time to use your broadband is 4am with the slowest time being 9pm according to figures from a recent study.

The study, done by collected results from broadband speed tests done over a 6 month period on their site which accounted for over 2.3 million speed test being performed to get the results. What they found was that the fastest broadband speeds were recorded at 4am when there are less people using the internet with speeds dropping over 28% compared to the slowest time of the day to use the internet at 9pm in the evening.

According to the survey, the UK’s biggest towns and cities (only the UK’s top 50 most densley populated towns and cities were included) have an average download speed of 14.83Mb at 4am with this average falling by 28% at 9pm to 10.72Mb. In some places the difference between 4am and 9pm can be as much as a 60% difference in average speed, this is the case for Dudley where the average broadband speed at 4am is a very fast 31.81Mb but just 12.62Mb at 9pm in the evening.

There was exceptions to these results though with Stoke-On-Trent having the average broadband speed change by just 0.7% between 4am and 9pm showing they have a very consistent broadband speed.

The telecomes expert, Julia Stent, said:

This research shows the incredible strain that is placed on broadband when everyone logs on at the same time, particularly in
densely populated areas. And the big rise in streaming and downloading – be that films for our tablets, or games for our smartphones – means that striving to deliver consistent speeds will be a long, hard slog for broadband providers.

It certainly explains why some people may never actually feel like their connection is as fast as the one promised by providers when they signed. The obvious solution of setting your alarm at 4am to use the internet is far from practical. Instead, run an online speed test at home to check that you are getting the best possible service available in your area. If you think you could do better, consider shopping around for a new deal.


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