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October 8, 2013

Poor broadband set ups could power BBC iPlayer for 59 years

According to research done by TalkTalk there are over half a million UK homes that are losing around 4Mb of broadband speed due to poor in-home set ups, with enough “leaked” bandwidth capacity to power the BBC iPlayer for 59 years!

The research was done by TalkTalk to show how their new Online Service Centre could be of use to customers who need help with their broadband such as how to fix common broadband problems.
The data and research was done by the TalkTalk BrightSparks engineers based on their most common diagnosed problems:

  • 38% – speed lost through poor wiring
  • 34% – router needed to be set up or reconfigured
  • 15 % – other problems such as not connecting router to the master socket
  • 13% – new broadband filter required

TalkTalk BrightSparks engineer, Keith Myles, said:
We see thousands of homes wasting broadband width simply because of a poor in home set up. People need to think about their broadband in the same way as other utilities such as water and electricity – it’s a commodity that can go to waste if you’re not careful.

They report than over 100 million megabytes of bandwidth capacity is “leaked” in these half a million homes each year which is enough for the BBC iPlayer to run continuously for 59 years!


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