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October 15, 2013

Scottish people leave the Highlands for better broadband

Poor broadband connections in rural Scotland is seeing people move out of rural areas to try and get better and faster broadband connections.

In a Rural Affairs Committee meeting the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment in the Scottish Government, Richard Lochhead, said:
“While you have traditional conversations about people leaving rural communities due to lack of access to higher education, affordable housing or employment, now there is an added factor where there is not good connectivity that can also lead to rural depopulation.”

The Highlands and Islands Enterprise is expecting to achieve 84% broadband coverage by 2016 but to extend this to even more places then more funding will be required.
For Scotland as a whole it is expected that BT is going to achieve around 95% coverage based on what they have achieved in Cornwall and elsewhere, however it is still going to be the Highlands and Islands which are going to be the struggle due to how remote they are.

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