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November 29, 2013

UK 25th fastest according to Ookla speed test results

According to the latest Net Index results of broadband speed tests done by Ookla, the UK is down in 25th position for broadband speeds.

The results are gathered from the speed test results that Ookla gather on their service. What the results showed is that the average broadband speed in the UK is 23.55Mb, however despite not being close to the fastest countries average broadband speeds of Hong Kong at 71.03Mb we are still above the global average of 16.22Mb.

The fastest countries are Hong Kong (71.01Mb), Singapore (52.94Mb), Romania (51.40Mb), South Korea (47.50Mb), Sweden (42.69Mb).
Other “big” countries that joining the UK further down the list are France in 22nd place (24.72Mb), Germany in 27th (23.18Mb), United States in 31st (20.77Mb), Spain in 37th (18.93Mb).

The average broadband speed in the EU stands at 21.65Mb which means the UK is just above the average for the EU.

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November 20, 2013

Free broadband from Tesco Broadband until 1st December

12 months free broadband is available for a limited time from Tesco Broadband as they run a free unlimited broadband offer until the start of December.

Free broadband from Tesco BroadbandThe special free unlimited broadband deal is available online from by using the Promo Code: BBSAVER and will give users broadband speeds up to 14Mb, the availability to earn Tesco Clubcard points on every bill, a free wireless router, inclusive evening and weekend calls and a UK call center for any issues customers may have.
The package usually would cost £6 per month which Tesco had in a previous offer reduced to £2 per month for the first 12 months, however they have gone one step further and are now offering it free for customers for 12 months, after this it will revert to the current price of £6 per month. This means customers can make a saving of £72 per year on this broadband package compared to its usual full price.

Users just need to pay for 12 months line rental which costs £14.90 per month and it is in line with the standard cost of line rental from other providers.

The free broadband offer is only available until the 1st December so for those who want to make use of it they should sign up soon to make sure they don’t miss out and odn’t foprget to use the Promo Code: BBSAVER to make sure you get the free broadband offer.

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November 19, 2013

Government claim fibre broadband spending will return £20 for every £1 spent

The government have defended their £1.2 billion investment of tax payers money to help with the roll out of next generation fibre optic broadband claiming it will return £20 to the UK economy by 2024 for every £1 it is investing, even though many claim that it is once again helping BT become a monopoly broadband provider since they are the only company to win any of the public funds and are the only company left in the bidding process for the remaining funds.

However, the government say that for every £1 that they are investing in the broadband deployment the UK economy will benefit by £20 by 2024. The Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) scheme was set up to help distribute the government funds to the various areas where fibre optic broadband roll out was needed but would not be covered by BT Broadband or Virgin Media with their own funding because they were not deemed to be financially beneficial to the companies to do so.
Originally the government put £530m in the pot with local authorities who bid for funding expecting to match this amount for each of their own individual schemes, a further £250m is to be put into the pot after 2015.

These findings were made in a government commissioned “UK Broadband Impact Study – Impact Report” and other benefits that were detailed were that households could save £45m per year by 2024 with more people being able to remote work from home and that by 2014 that it would help with the creation of 11,000 jobs and a net increase in jobs of 20,000 by 2024.

Some will wonder if BT really needed the extra funding in light of their recent high spending on rights for both Premiership football which has cost them £738 million for 38 live games per season for 3 seasons and their 3 years of exclusive UK rights to the Champions League football from 2015 which is to cost them £900m.


November 12, 2013

Virgin Media to boost fibre broadband speeds to 152Mb

Virgin Media are set to up their fastest fibre broadband speeds to an ultrafast 152Mb, this is double the fastest widely available broadband speeds on offer from broadband providers who use the BT Broadband network.

Virgin MediaCurrently broadband providers using BT’s network can only claim to offer up to 76Mb (BT Infinity 2) on the whole as this is what is available for the majority of premises connected with fibre on it as BT are connecting the majority of premises with FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) and there is relatively few in comparison having full FTTH (Fibre To The Home).

The 152Mb broadband speeds for Virgin customers will be available to all the 12.5 million homes across the country that are in areas served by Virgin Media’s fibre optic cable network. These speed increases mean that at 152Mb a user could download a HD movie in less than 4 minutes and a full music album in just 4 seconds. The real benefit of the extra speed will be for when there are numerous people in a household all connecting to the internet connection for different things and they will all be able to still connect quickly and easily for their own needs.

It isn’t all great news for Virgin Media customers though as Virgin have also announced that the costs to customers will rise by on average 6.7% from February 2014 but Virgin will hope that the speed boosts customers are to receive should help soften the blow, and customers on existing broadband packages would see their speeds increased by at least 20Mb. Customers will be written to by Virgin Media to inform them of the price rises.

Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media chief executive officer, said:
As people connect more things simultaneously to the internet more often, they need powerful broadband with the bandwidth to deliver a great experience for everyone in the home. That connection is what we deliver with our unrivalled network. We are boosting speeds again and ensuring our customers can get even more value from their Virgin Media subscription. Our top speed will be twice as fast as BT and all the others reliant on their old copper telephony infrastructure as we extend our lead as Britain’s ultrafast broadband provider.


November 11, 2013

BT get exclusive Champions League football for £900m from 2015

BT are expected to entice more customers to signing up for its BT Fibre broadband now they have won the exclusive rights to the Champions League for 3 years from 2015 at a cost of nearly £900 million.

The deal with UEFA means that BT will be able to broadcast all 350 fixtures each season for 3 years from 2015 which includes all the Champions League and Europa League games and puts an end to Sky & ITV being able to show the games. ITV have been the free-to-air broadcaster of the Champions League since 1992 however they were not willing to pay what they considered to be “over the odds” in the latest live rounds rights.

This won’t be the end of free European football on TV though as part of the £299 million per year deal was that BT are to show at least one match of each British football team competing in the European competitions for free each season although this does leave the majority still needing a subscription of some description to watch the others.

Currently BT allow BT Broadband customers receive and watch BT Sport channels for free but have stated that most Champions League games will incur an extra charge. Already BT has spent £738 million on the rights to screen 38 live Premier League games per season for 3 years as they go head to head with Sky. BT are using the incentive of live sports on their own channels to bring new customers to use their broadband services, and as BT have much deeper pockets than others who have tried to take on Sky in the past they are proving so far that they are able to match the financial muscle of Sky and even now start to beat them making Sky much less exclusive as the only place to get live sports.

For those who don’t have BT Broadband services they are still able to receive the BT Sport channels by paying a subscription for them, however BT’s main target aim will be for customers to make out multi-play services such as Broadband, Telephone and TV packages with them as they aim to recoup their huge investment both in fibre optic broadband and also in the launch of the Sports channels.


November 4, 2013

Free sim cards

Free Sim cards for mobile phones, iPhones or tablets needing standard sized sim cards or Micro or Nano sims.

Each of the mobile providers offers users free sim cards to customers who want to go on a Pay as you go deal with them, they all have varying offers depending on how much you top up with them such as free minutes, texts and also mobile internet data so you can keep your mobile connected to the internet.

If you are after a new Pay as you go sim card then we have compiled the place sthat the free sim cards are available form each of the UK mobile network providers so it is very quick and easy for you to request your sim from them.

Most now have the choice of either a Combi Sim (standard sized or Micro) or a nano sim available so you can make sure it fits in your required mobile device or tablet.

Depending on how much you top up each month will determine how much you can use your free Pay as you Go sim card and how much minutes/texts/data is included for you to use. There is normally incentive to regularly top up certain amounts each month such as extra free minutes/texts or mobile data being added

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