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February 18, 2014

Go Ape invest £30,000 in faster broadband

Go Ape, the tree top adventure company has had to shell out £30,000 to bring superfast fibre optic broadband to their new offices.

The company has moved to the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds which is close to its original base, however due to the fact that the network infrastructure in that area was out-dated it means that they had to invest £30,000 into bringing faster broadband to the offices, which their boss says will help create 100 jobs this year.

Mr Mayhew, the Go Ape boss also feared that rural locations may lose out on new jobs with fast growing companies moving into cities where they can have faster internet connections already there ready for them, rather than keeping in their rural locations where extra investment, such as what Go Ape have had to do, will be required.
He said:
It is an incredible frustration and it really holds back the rural economy. It funnels all the job creation into Cambridge and Norwich, jobs that would otherwise be spread more evenly.

Go Ape managed to get the faster broadband for £30,000, this is substantially lower than the £105,000 that they were quoted from one broadband provider.


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