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May 23, 2014

EE told they can’t make “most reliable broadband” claims

Mobile provider EE (Everything Everywhere) has been told by the ASA that they can’t claim they are “Britain’s most reliable broadband” in advertisements and that they must change their adverts that make this claim in them.

BT had complained to the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) over a mail sent out by EE that headlined “Introducing Britain’s most reliable broadband for staying connected”.
In the writing it then claimed that it was the most reliable because it had less “jitter” (Jitter is the rate of chance in the latency speed) and “latency” (Latency is the time it takes for data packets to travel to a server and back) that its rivals. EE took their reason for claiming this from an Ofcom report from May 2013 that looked into fixed line broadband performance.

BT’s complaint was that EE did not get better Jigger or Latency figured than themselves “to any statistically significant degree”. Also, BT were not happy that this only took into account fixed line broadband which was not clearly made in the advertisement and that broadband delivered by wireless routers which are extremely common were not included.

EE did get one back on BT who had also complained that EE saying they had the first plug-and-play fibre broadband router was not true. However the ASA ruled in favour that EE’s Brightbox 2 did beat BT’s Home Hub 5 when it came to self-installation routers, as although the Home Hub 5 did have self-install technology it had not been enabled unlike the Brightbox 2 where it had been.


May 7, 2014

Virgin Media launch Quad-Play bundles

Virgin Media have launched a “Quad-Play” bundle that combines broadband, TV, landline and SIM-only mobile deal that Virgin claim can save families over £300 a year versus the nearest comparable service from Sky ad the next best value SIM from any mobile operator.

Virgin MediaThe “Big Bang” bundle will offer 100Mb broadband together with TiVo and home phone talk plan for just £30 per month, adding the mobile sim is just a further £5 on top.

The “Big Kahuna” bundle is available for £45 per month and offers Virgin Media’s fastest broadband of up to 152Mb broadband speeds, TiVo which has over 230 TV channels and every BT Sport channel and a home phone service. Again, the mobile SIM can be added for just £5 per month more and offers 250Mb of data, unlimited texts and minutes.

Both of these deals are on 18 month contracts and do have line rental charges too that need to be added on which is £15.99 per month which takes the “Big Bang” quad play service come in at £50.99 per month and the “Big Kahuna” deal come in at £65.99.

The chief operating officer at Virgin Media, Dana Strong, said:

Our fantastic new bundles deliver unprecedented value as standard. For the first time, households will be able to get the best broadband together with the UK’s best value mobile SIM, as part of a bundle perfectly tailored to the customer’s needs. And I’m delighted our current customers have the chance to enjoy this fantastic new flexibility and unparalleled value first.

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