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March 18, 2014

BT launch 6 months free broadband offer with Daily Express & Daily Star

BT has agreed a 2 week advertising deal with the company that owns the Daily Star, Daily Express & Channel 5 and will see their readers be offered 6 months free BT Broadband.

Richard Desmond’s “Northern & Shell” company own the Daily Express, Daily Star and Channel 5 and it is in these that BT will be featuring with their offers for the next 2 weeks.
We are likely to see ads, pull-outs and sponsored content in both the papers and on Channel 5. Yesterday saw the launch of the campaign on Channel 5 and a 4 page advertising feature of the free broadband offer in the Daily Express along with a front page advert on the front of the Daily Express & Daily Star.

The special BT Broadband offer will entitle readers to “BT Totally Unlimited” free for 6 months and then £16 per month thereafter on an 18 month contract. Readers of the papers will have an 0800 number to call to register for the offer or they can do so via the website where they are able to enter an exclusive reader offer code to claim the special 6 months free BT broadband deal.

As for all BT Broadband customers, they will also be able to receive BT Sport for free, this means that they can then watch plenty of live Premier League football along with many other sporting events exclusive on BT Sport.

With Channel 5 due to be sold in May, this deal from BT could have a couple of alternative motives for Richard Desmond’s Northern & Shell company. It may be that BT could be looking at maybe purchasing the TV channel and that BT are the preferred bidder or it could be a clever ploy to help put up a bidding war for the TV channel between BT & BSkyB as these are the 2 most likely suitors who are reportedly after it.


February 7, 2014

New BT Broadband customers £100 Sainsbury’s gift card offer

BT Broadband are bringing back their popular high value Sainsbury’s gift cards for new BT Broadband customers starting from today.

The offer is only eligible to new BT Broadband customers and does not include any existing customers who are re-grading from copper to copper or copper to fibre.
The existing offer of a £25 Sainsbury’s gift card for new BT Broadband customers is to be doubled to £50 and the current £50 Sainsbury’s gift card for new BT Infinity (fibre optic broadband) customers is also to double to £100.

The offer is to run from today 7th February until Monday 17th February.

Also not to be forgotten is that BT Broadband customers also receive the BT Sports channels on TV for free.

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November 20, 2013

Free broadband from Tesco Broadband until 1st December

12 months free broadband is available for a limited time from Tesco Broadband as they run a free unlimited broadband offer until the start of December.

Free broadband from Tesco BroadbandThe special free unlimited broadband deal is available online from by using the Promo Code: BBSAVER and will give users broadband speeds up to 14Mb, the availability to earn Tesco Clubcard points on every bill, a free wireless router, inclusive evening and weekend calls and a UK call center for any issues customers may have.
The package usually would cost £6 per month which Tesco had in a previous offer reduced to £2 per month for the first 12 months, however they have gone one step further and are now offering it free for customers for 12 months, after this it will revert to the current price of £6 per month. This means customers can make a saving of £72 per year on this broadband package compared to its usual full price.

Users just need to pay for 12 months line rental which costs £14.90 per month and it is in line with the standard cost of line rental from other providers.

The free broadband offer is only available until the 1st December so for those who want to make use of it they should sign up soon to make sure they don’t miss out and odn’t foprget to use the Promo Code: BBSAVER to make sure you get the free broadband offer.

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August 1, 2013

BT Sport goes live tonight and is free for BT Broadband customers

BT’s head to head battle with BSkyB starts properly tonight as the new BT Sport channel goes live tonight for the first time at 6pm.

Free BT Sport with BT BroadbandBT ( have put much time and money into their BT Sport channels, first off they secured the rights to 38 Premier League football games per season for 3 seasons of which they will get first choice for around half of their games, next up they then decided that BT Broadband customers would get free access to the BT Sport channels, this resulted with Sky then offering free Sky Broadband to their customers who have Sky TV contracts.

BT has much deeper pockets than other sports channels who have tried to compete with BSkyB for sports coverage in the past such as Setanta and ESPN. BT’s dive into the Sport sector is initially probably less to do with wanting to take over the paid TV market that Sky have most coverage of but to instead help reduce the churn of BT Broadband customers from leaving them for rivals and to entice other broadband customers to join them. Triple-play services such as Telephone, Broadband & TV are what both BT & Sky want from their customers to sign up for so they can take more money from them for having more services but they have to offer deals and enticing offers to make these worthwhile for customers.

BT Sport have not only splashed the cash on getting the live football games but also in building a good team to represent the channels, they got Jake Humphrey from the BBC F1 team to be the main host and they have signed Robin Van Persie, Rio Ferdinand and Gareth Bale as some of the faces to help advertise the channel. Sky have recently launched a new advert with David Beckham to advertise their Sports channels which shows him at home and on the move in studios and a cafe and being able to watch Sky Sports on the go wherever he is.


May 15, 2013

“Unlimited” Tesco broadband for £2 per month

Tesco have launched a £2 per month unlimited broadband deal with inclusive evening and weekend calls, however it does require Tesco line rental which is an extra £14.90 per month but as an added bonus Tesco Clubcard points can be earned for every £1 spent!

£2 Unlimited Tesco BroadbandThe Tesco “Unlimited” broadband for £2 is available to order online now. The “Unlimited” part however is subject to a fair usage policy which basically boils down to providing users don’t regularly exceed 100Gb usage per month then they will have no problems.

Tesco broadband is available on either a 12 month contract or a 30 day rolling contract, the 12 month contract has free set up plus a free wireless router while there is a £40 setup cost for the 30 day contract. After 12 months the cost goes up by £4 to be £6 per month for the broadband.

There is also the Tesco Broadband with Inclusive Anytime calls package which is available for £6.50 a month for 12 months before reverting back to £10.50 per month plus the £14.90 line rental per month.

For anyone thinking of signing up for the Tesco Broadband offer they should be sure to quote the discount code: 4OFF

Even better news comes for those who have Tesco Mobiles is that they can take a further £2 per month off their bill meaning that they can get the Unlimited broadband for free for 12 months and just have to pay for line rental, the simply need to be sure to quote the Tesco Broadband discount code: MOBFREE4 when they are signing up.

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April 18, 2013

6 months free broadband from John Lewis when buying tablets, phones or smart-TVs

John Lewis are going to try and get a larger portion of the UK broadband market by offering customers who buy internet-enabled devices from them 6 months free broadband.

John Lewis BroadbandThe offer will require customers to sign up for a 12 month broadband contract with John Lewis Broadband ( and also transfer phone line to them and then 6 months of the contract will include the free broadband. Currently the cheapest John Lewis broadband contract available is for their Standard broadband package which offers up to 16Mb speeds and 20GB monthly usage and costs £11 per month + line rental at £13.50 per month. This deal would save customers £66 on their broadband.
The Unlimited Broadband package again offers up to 16Mb speeds but with Unlimited monthly usage and costs £18 per month + £13.50 per month line rental. With this package customers would be saving £108 off the cost of their broadband.

In effect customers could work it out that they can get a “free” device from John Lewis if they do take up the offer as currently the Amazon Kindle is available for £69 and would be covered by the cost of the savings possible, that said other devices are also available such as tablets, laptops, mobiles and Smart-TVs depending on what customers are after buying.

Any customers who do buy an internet-enabled device from John Lewis will have 12 months to sign up for their 6 months free broadband providing they keep hold of their receipt and the deal will be running for at least a year from John Lewis.

John Lewis broadband is supplied by Plusnet which has a huge reputation in the broadband industry for quality service, Plusnet themselves are owned by BT.


March 13, 2013

1 years Half price broadband from Plusnet

Plusnet broadband are offering new customers half price broadband for a full year if they sign up to a broadband and phone package by the 11th April 2013.

 1 years Half price broadband from PlusnetThe 1 month offer started on the 12th March 2013 and will run until the 11th April 2013 and only customers who order their service between these dates will be able to take up the half price offer.

The makes the Plusnet Essentials Broadband and calls package cost just £2.99 per month (from £5.99) for 12 months plus the standard £13.99 monthly line rental. More savings can be made for customers who pay for their 12 months line rental upfront as it then works out the equivalent of £10.49 per month. This means that customers can take out the 12 month essentials broadband and  calls package which offers 10Gb monthly usage with up to 16Mb speeds, free wireless router, free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines for a total of £161.76.
The same package taken by paying line rental monthly and not in the half price offer period would costs £239.76 so a huge £76 more for the year.

The Unlimited broadband and calls package is down to £4.99 per month for 12 months and comes with unlimited broadband usage and speeds up to 16Mb, the Essentials Fibre Broadband and calls is half price to £7.99 for 6 months with 40GB monthly usage and up to 38Mb speeds, the Unlimited Fibre broadband and calls is down to £9.99 for 6 months and offers unlimited monthly usage and up to 76Mb speeds.

Customers are able to sign up online via the broadband page on the Plusnet site or by quoting the “offer12″ promotional code.

Sign up at


February 14, 2012

£2.50 Unlimited broadband for 12 months from Tesco

Tesco broadband can be taken for just £2.50 per month for 12 months which offers unlimited broadband providing it is taken with Tesco’s £13.75 line rental.

tesco 250 broadband £2.50 Unlimited broadband for 12 months from TescoThe package also includes inclusive evening and weekend calls along with unlimited broadband (fair use policy with a cap of 100Gb per month), and up to 20Mb broadband speeds. Providing users take out the 12 month contract there are no set up fees, after the 12 moths of £2.50 broadband are up then the price reverts back to it’s usual price of £6.50 per month and will be on a 30 day rolling contract. Users will also receive a free wireless router when signing up.

To make use of the Tesco £2.50 broadband offer customers need to sign up by the 31st May 2012 and use the code: HALFBB-C when they sign up.

One restriction to get this deal is that the customer also has to be a Tesco Clubcard holder, however this is very simple as you can pick up a Tesco Clubcard for free in store or online, then the bonus is that Tesco Clubcard holders will also receive 3 points per £1 they spend on their bill each month, this is 3 times as much as is given in store.


November 1, 2011

6 months free Spotify Premium with Virgin Media

Virgin Media are offering new and reconnecting Virgin Broadband and Virgin Mobile customers free Spotify Premium access worth around £10 per month as part of a new deal.

virgin media spotify 6 months free Spotify Premium with Virgin MediaNew or reconnecting Virgin Broadband customers who take out an XL (30Mb), XXL (50Mb) and 100Mb broadband deal will get themselves 6 months free Spotify Premium access which has allot more enhanced features and usability than the free Spotify option. The 6 months free Spotify Premium is worth around £60.

The same deal applies to new and reconnecting Virgin Mobile customers who take out a pay monthly contract and have a compatible mobile phone, they will receive 3 months free Spotify Premium access.
Also, when in the UK there will be no data charges for using Spotify although data charges are likely to apply when listening abroad.

Spotify is an award winning completely legal music service that allows you access to over 15 million different music tracks and albums that you can listen to when you want, you are even able to have the music available to you when you go offline. Songs you select will stream immediately so you don’t need to worry about downloading a full song before you can listen to it.

The executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media, Cindy Rose, said:

The launch of Spotify on Virgin Media marks a significant milestone for digital entertainment and the way it is enjoyed by consumers. Great digital services are no longer just about fast broadband or the latest TV technology, but increasingly about how people use their services to power and excite their daily lives. Bringing together Virgin Media services with brilliant entertainment such as Spotify is a core part of our ongoing strategy and we’re excited to be able to lead the way with such a great partnership.”

Going forward we expect to see more content tie-ups between broadband providers and content providers, especially as the increase of broadband speeds continues to grown and content can far more easily be delivered online.


September 8, 2010

Virgin Media launch 9 month student broadband

Virgin Media are launching three new 9 month contract broadband deals specifically aimed at students.

The 9 month deals are designed so that students won’t need to be paying for broadband over the summer months when they are likely to have gone home or not be at University.

Prices start at just £20 per month for the “Broadband L” package which gives broadband speeds up to 10Mb. The XL service offers fibre broadband speeds up to 20Mb and unlimited weekend UK landline calls for £20 per month with the first 2 months being charged at £10 per month plus the cost of line rental at £11.99 per month.

There is a £20 activation fee but this is taken off with the production of a valid NUS identification.

Students who want to take up one of the new Virgin 9 month broadband contracts needs to do so by the 31st October 2010.

An extra benefit of having an NUS Extra card is that there is a 15% student discount off your monthly spend with any Virgin Mobile service too such as SIM only, Pay Monthly, Pay As You Go or Mobile Broadband.

Students should sign up at

Virgin Media student broadband

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