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October 18, 2013

UK enters top 10 for global broadband speeds

The UK has entered into the top 10 countries based on fastest broadband speeds as the average UK broadband speed hit 8.4Mb according to the latest “State Of The Internet” report from Akamai.

Akamai produce 4 “State Of The Internet” reports each year, one for each Quarter and it is a way to keep track on how the internet is developing globally, not just with broadband speeds but also to find out how users browse the internet and gather other data such as where attacks originate from.

Globally the average broadband speed was 3.3Mb for Q2 2013 which marked a 5.2% increase on Q1 and a 9.2% increase year on year. With the extensive roll out of fibre broadband across the UK it made for some quite impressive results, we showed an 11% rise from Q1 and a staggering 48% rises year on year to bring the average UK broadband speed test result in at 8.4Mb.
Still topping the charts was South Korea with an average broadband speed of 13.3Mb, this was actually a 6.4% decline on the previous year but still keeps them ahead of Japan who have an average of 12Mb broadband speeds.

The global average for peak broadband connection speeds is probably just as, if not a more interesting figure to keep an eye on too, this helps show the possible internet connection capacity that countries have.
Globally the peak average for Q2 2013 only rose 0.1% from Q1 and 17% year on year, up to 18.9Mb. However leading the way was Hong Kong with a blistering 65.1Mb, followed by South Korea with 53.3Mb and then Japan with 48.8Mb.

What we hope to see and have said for a few years now is that the UK should start to rise quite ell up the global broadband speed test charts as the continued fibre optic broadband rollout across the UK continues and with more and more consumers switching to fibre the average speeds for the UK should also continue to rise.


August 13, 2012

Hong Kong top fastest peak broadband speeds

Hong Kong are the new leaders in terms of broadband speeds globally after they topped the latest “State Of The Internet” report charts and knocking South Korea down a place for the highest average peak connection speed for both fixed line and mobile broadband.

In the latest “State of the Internet” report done by Akamai shows that in the last quarter Hong Kong have hit the top spot with an average peak connection speed of 49.2Mb relegating South Korea to second spot with 47.8Mb. To round off the top 3 that was again dominated by Asian countries we saw Japan take the third spot with an average peak broadband speed of 39.5Mb.

To take the top spot Hong Kong recorded a 7.1% rise in their highest average speed on the previous quarter and a huge 25% year on year rise, however we are likely to see Hong Kong lose the top spot going forward as the year on year growth recorded for households taking out high speed broadband here was just 9.7% while in Japan this was 37% and South Korea at 53%, if these figures continue then there will be more users moving to high speed broadband form the likes of Japan and South Korea which will help bring their average peak broadband connection speeds up (check speed with our broadband speed test).

In terms of average broadband speed across the country it was still South Korea who were at the top though with 15.7Mb followed by Japan with 10.9Mb and then Hong Kong at 9.3Mb. The UK was lagging behind with a global position of 21st position with an average broadband speed of just 5.6Mb.

Despite all the investment in fibre broadband in the UK we are still going to be way behind the likes of the leading Asian countries for a good long while!


May 1, 2012

Average UK broadband speed decreases in Q4

UK broadband speeds actually decreased in the last quarter of 2011 down to and average of 4.9Mb according to figures found by Akamai.

manchester corridor fibre broadband Average UK broadband speed decreases in Q4Akamai produce the “State of the Internet” report shows that the UK’s average broadband speed for Q3 had been 5.1Mb and this had dropped to 4.9Mb for Q4, a 3.5% drop in average broadband speed test results. However, the UK was not alone in seeing broadband speeds decreasing, 8 out of the top 10 countries, along with the USA also saw average broadband download speeds decrease. In total, there were 91 countries that notched up slower download speeds with 41 seeing an increase in speeds.

The top 2 countries in terms of fastest average download speeds were South Korea and Japan, both of these continued on an upwards trend compared to the other 8 countries in the top 10 below them. South Korea notched up an average download speed of 17.5Mb and Japan 9.1Mb.

Within Europe, the Netherlands was the country that posted up the fastest average broadband speed with 8.2Mb while the UK was down in 16th position. The city of Umea in Sweden  notched up 11.3Mb to make it the fastest European city, although not 1 UK city made it into the top 100 cities worldwide!

Positive news for the UK was that 91% of the internet connections that were measured were over 2Mb, which will please the governments target of reaching universal coverage across the country at this speed by 2015.

These average broadband speed results were perhaps just a blip for the UK, especially with the huge roll-out of BT’s fibre broadband network taking place, we would anticipate that the UK should start seeing average broadband speeds increasing as more and more customers switch tho fibre broadband.


October 25, 2011

UK down in 25th spot for global broadband speed

The latest “State of the Internet” report by Akamai found the UK lagged back in 25th spot based on countries broadband speeds around the world.

This latest report is for the second quarter of 2011 and actually saw European countries placed well in the top 10 of average broadband speeds, as usual though it is South Korea (13.8Mb), Hong Kong (10.3Mb) and Japan (8.9Mb) who top the list.
However, coming in in 4th spot was the Netherlands (8.5Mb), then the Czech Republic (7.4Mb) followed by Switzerland (7.3Mb).

The UK averaged just over 5Mb putting it back down in 25th spot.

However, where the UK does climb the rankings is for general broadband connectivity where we rank 11th, this is due to the fact that over 91% of users connected to the internet have broadband speeds of 2Mb or greater. The leader in this category, maybe rather surprisingly, was Bulgaria with 97% followed by the Czech Republic with 95%.

Top fastest 100 cities for broadband didn’t contain 1 UK city, with the highest ranked European city being Brno in the Czech Republic which was at number 55 averaging 8.3Mb. The top 100 cities included 59 form Japan and 10 from South Korea as has tended to be the case every time these reports are released.

All is not doom and gloom for the UK though, we currently have BT rolling out their fibre broadband network across the UK which is due to reach two thirds of the country by 2015 at a cost of around £2.5bn. Virgin Media are also looking at and working on ways to increase their broadband speeds offered to customers via their cable network. So going forward we would expect the UK to start climbing the rankings and hopefully by 2015 when the uptake of fibre broadband across the country has increased the average broadband speed test results will make for far more pleasant reading.


April 27, 2011

Bradford in top 100 fastest world broadband cities

The highest average broadband speed in the UK is available in Bradford, with the Yorkshire city being the only UK city to make it in to the top 100 cities around the world for average broadband speeds.

The results of the forth quarter results compiled by Akamai were released yesterday and it had Bradford sneaking itself into 99th place with an average broadband speed of 6.2Mb.

Of the 100 cities in the table, there was only 24 which were not in South Korea (South Korea had 16 in the top 100) or Japan (Japan had 60 int he top 100) with South Korea dominating the top of the list with the top 11 places and also having 15 of the top 20 fastest average broadband speed cities in the world.

The South Korean city of Taegu topped the list with an average broadband speed of 18.36Mb.

The director of market intelligence at Akamai, David Belson, told
“Sometimes a city can jump up if there’s an aggregation point in the area where networks meet, but that doesn’t appear to be the case in Bradford so it seems reasonable to conclude that it’s just that the broadband there is particularly good.”

He also told them that cities such as Southamption, Luton and Oldham were all not too far off the top 100 list but London was way down in around 400th position with an average broadband speed of just 3.5Mb.

Average broadband speeds in the UK are likely to continue to rise as BT rolls out it’s fibre optic broadband network (BT Infinity) across the UK and aims to cover around 66% of the UK by 2015.

In terms of the countries ranking, the UK rose one place to 26th showing that there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Users can test what speed their own broadband runs at by running a broadband speed test.


August 3, 2010

UK ranked 27th in World broadband speed

The UK has come in at 27th position for the Worlds fastest broadband speeds.

The disappointing position has seen the UK fall back 4 places from 23rd to 27th in the 201 countries that are speed tested, with the results published in Akamai’s “State Of The Internet” report that was released earlier this week. The results are for Quarter 1 of 2010.

The average of the broadband speed test results found that we on average a broadband speed of 3.8Mb, this is way behind the average of the leading countries, with South Korea averaging 12Mb broadband connections.

More than this, the list of top 100 cities based on average broadband speed didn’t see any UK cities listed, and there were only eight cities in Europe that made the list with Romania accounting for four of them. Japan were the clear leaders here with over half of the positions with an impressive 53 cities listed in the top 100.

The global average broadband speed was just 1.7Mb.

Last week we reported how Ofcom had done their own broadband speed test to find the average broadband speed in the UK of 5.2Mb so there is clearly some discrepancy between the two tests as to what our actual average broadband speed is.


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