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October 18, 2013

UK enters top 10 for global broadband speeds

The UK has entered into the top 10 countries based on fastest broadband speeds as the average UK broadband speed hit 8.4Mb according to the latest “State Of The Internet” report from Akamai.

Akamai produce 4 “State Of The Internet” reports each year, one for each Quarter and it is a way to keep track on how the internet is developing globally, not just with broadband speeds but also to find out how users browse the internet and gather other data such as where attacks originate from.

Globally the average broadband speed was 3.3Mb for Q2 2013 which marked a 5.2% increase on Q1 and a 9.2% increase year on year. With the extensive roll out of fibre broadband across the UK it made for some quite impressive results, we showed an 11% rise from Q1 and a staggering 48% rises year on year to bring the average UK broadband speed test result in at 8.4Mb.
Still topping the charts was South Korea with an average broadband speed of 13.3Mb, this was actually a 6.4% decline on the previous year but still keeps them ahead of Japan who have an average of 12Mb broadband speeds.

The global average for peak broadband connection speeds is probably just as, if not a more interesting figure to keep an eye on too, this helps show the possible internet connection capacity that countries have.
Globally the peak average for Q2 2013 only rose 0.1% from Q1 and 17% year on year, up to 18.9Mb. However leading the way was Hong Kong with a blistering 65.1Mb, followed by South Korea with 53.3Mb and then Japan with 48.8Mb.

What we hope to see and have said for a few years now is that the UK should start to rise quite ell up the global broadband speed test charts as the continued fibre optic broadband rollout across the UK continues and with more and more consumers switching to fibre the average speeds for the UK should also continue to rise.


September 9, 2011

Virgin Media twice as fast as national average broadband speed

The average broadband speed in the UK for August was 8.06Mb with average upload speeds at 1.21Mb according to the broadband speed test results from the website.

Unsurprisingly heading the field is Virgin Media with their cable broadband network which provided and average broadband speed of over double the national average at 16.97Mb, they also showed the highest upload speeds too, again over double the national average at 2.48Mb.

Taking second place was Eclipse who posted an average broadband speed of 7.15Mb, just ahead of BT who’s average was 6.99Mb.
With Virgin Media & BT broadband both battling fiercely to sign up as many customers to their fibre broadband networks it will be pleasing for Virgin Media to see that currently their average broadband speed is almost 10Mb faster than that BT customers receive.

The speed test study looks at the largest UK broadband providers to work out what their average broadband speed test is. The following is the list of average broadband speed test results.

Virgin Media: 16.97Mb
Eclipse Internet: 7.15Mb
BT Broadband: 6.99Mb
Be & O2 Broadband*: 5.57Mb
Plusnet: 4.99Mb
TalkTalk: 4.93Mb
Sky Broadband: 4.76Mb
Orange Broadband: 3.78Mb
AOL Broadband: 3.08Mb

* Be & O2 use the same network as Be are owned by O2.


July 29, 2010

Average broadband speeds rise according to Ofcom

The speed of fixed line broadband has seen an increase of over 25 per cent in the last year in broadband speed test done by Ofcom.

After Ofcom conducted it’s own broadband speed test research in partnership with the broadband site SamKnows the results showed that broadband speeds on average were raised from 4.1Mb to 5.2Mb.

This speed increase comes as broadband providers continue to try and offer customers faster and faster broadband speeds, a statistic which is proved with the fact that in April 2009 just 8% of broadband users fixed line connections were¬† advertised as above “up to” 10Mb, with that figure now raised to 24% on services offering above “up to” this speed.

With these increasing advertised headline speeds comes the fact that although on average broadband speeds have increased there is a growing gap between what users are advertised as their “up to” speed and what they are actually receiving.
In April 2009 the average advertised “up to” speed was 7.1Mb with the actual average broadband speed customers received being 4.1Mb which meant that users were receiving 58% of the advertised speed.

However, in May 2010 the average advertised broadband “up to” speed was 11.5Mb and the actual broadband speed customers received ion average was 5.2Mb which is just 45% of the advertised speed.

Unsurprisingly was the fact that Virgin Medias fibre broadband provided the fastest broadband, with the 10Mb and 20Mb which provided download speed around twice as fast as broadband packages offering similar headline speeds.
The fastest broadband speed was found to be on Virgin Medias 50Mb fibre broadband service which offered an average broadband download speed of 36Mb when done on a single thread test (when just 1 file is downloaded) and about 46Mb when a multi-thread test (when three files are downloaded at the same time which is more in line with how heavy broadband users use the Internet) was performed.

Ofcom average broadband speeds May 2010


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