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November 29, 2013

UK 25th fastest according to Ookla speed test results

According to the latest Net Index results of broadband speed tests done by Ookla, the UK is down in 25th position for broadband speeds.

The results are gathered from the speed test results that Ookla gather on their service. What the results showed is that the average broadband speed in the UK is 23.55Mb, however despite not being close to the fastest countries average broadband speeds of Hong Kong at 71.03Mb we are still above the global average of 16.22Mb.

The fastest countries are Hong Kong (71.01Mb), Singapore (52.94Mb), Romania (51.40Mb), South Korea (47.50Mb), Sweden (42.69Mb).
Other “big” countries that joining the UK further down the list are France in 22nd place (24.72Mb), Germany in 27th (23.18Mb), United States in 31st (20.77Mb), Spain in 37th (18.93Mb).

The average broadband speed in the EU stands at 21.65Mb which means the UK is just above the average for the EU.

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Author: Mark @ 9:02 am

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