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June 7, 2012

O2 and BE Broadband both block The Pirate Bay

O2 and BE Broadband have both now blocked access to The Pirate Bay (TPB) website after the April court ruling was handed out to a number of ISPs to do so, one of which included O2.

be blocked page 300x75 O2 and BE Broadband both block The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay is a file sharing site that allows users to find peer to peer links to download content, however much of the content is copyrighted and meant users to the site were able to download and send illegally distributed copyright material. The high court ruling in London last month said that Sky Broadband, Everything Everywhere (Orange & T-mobile owner), O2 Broadband, TalkTalk and Virgin Media all had to block access to the site.

Be Broadband whose parent company is O2 had to follow the ruling handed to O2, however, in a post on the BE Broadband blog it said that it is only due to complying with the law that the access has been restricted:

“BE takes pride in the fact that our broadband products are unlimited and unthrottled. Unlike other ISPs, we never slow down or limit your connection artificially no matter what protocol or site you’re using. Legally we need to comply with court orders but wherever possible we leave it up to you.

We wouldn’t chose to do this voluntarily but we need to comply with UK laws just like any UK business. We’re aware of the concerns voiced by members about the broader issue. Our policy of zero traffic management means that we treat all protocols equally (eg web, downloads, VPNs) and we will do as much as we can to give you the internet as you want it, whilst complying with UK laws.”

BT Broadband were not included in the original ruling and were given more time to act on what they were going to do.

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August 6, 2010

BE Broadband launch landline services cheaper than BT

BE Broadband are launching their own landline services and lanline installation services with prices that are cheaper than BT’s.

be broadband BE Broadband launch landline services cheaper than BTBE are aiming to keep things simple too, with tying the length of the landline contract to the length of the broadband contract and with contracts not automatically being renewed without the consent of the customer.

For those after a new landline installed then BE Broadband Bare over £40 cheaper than BT for the same service, with a charge of £85 compared to the £127.99 that BT charge for the same service.

The available landline deals include:
Landline only where you only pay for the calls you make, BE are charging £9.50 for this compared to £13.24 from BT.
Evening & Weekends with BE will costs £10.50 compared to BT at £13.24.
Anytime calls which offers free calls to UK numbers plus 600 free minutes to over 20 countries will costs £13.50 with BE compared to £81.23 with BT.

BE Broadband are an ADSL2+ broadband provider who offer broadband up to 24Mb and have recently won the “Best Consumer Broadband” award  at the Internet Service Providers Awards (ISPA).

BE currently have a 2 months free broadband running which is available until the end of August or on the Be Broadband Promotional Codes page.


July 16, 2010

2 months free broadband with Be Broadband

Customers can get 2 months free broadband from Be Broadband in a limited time offer with their latest promotional code.

be broadband 2 months free broadband with Be BroadbandThe offer runs until the end of July so potential new subscribers only have a couple of weeks to make sure they get their free broadband which is available on either the “Unlimited” or “Pro” packages.

When signing up customers simply need to enter the Be Broadband promo code: FREEMONTHS.

A special landing page has been set up at


February 18, 2010

BE Broadband unsure if a 1GB Google fibre broadband network would be good

BE Broadband don’t think too much to Google launching their own fibre optic network.

The recent announcement that Google is to initially roll out a fibre optic network to between 50,000 and 500,000 homes in the USA which aims to have broadband speeds of up to 1Gb has got the guys from Be Broadband giving their thoughts.

Although we should embrace the fact that faster broadband is being developed the worry is the fact that it is another part of the Internet that Google could start to dominate in and how long before they have a monopoly of the Internet.

This was a point made by Alinna Chung, the Online Product Manager for Be broadband who said:

Faster broadband and challenging providers who have rested on their laurels for too long is awesome, but I don’t really like the idea that Google will know everything I do with my connection, even if I opt out of their normal services. If they have a point of disagreement with a specific governing institution, are they going to be able to completely cut me off from information if I depend on them for both my access and my source of information? I think Google means well, but ultimately, diversifying sources/dependencies means that people can maintain their freedom.

Tom Williams, Head Of Operations at Be Broadband said:

although it’s great to push boundaries and continue to demonstrate the value of high bandwidth services, monopolies are never good, and you’d have to question the true freedom of the web if one company became so dominant.

It will be interesting to see how well the the Google fibre broadband goes in the USA as it could lead to a roll out in other countries including the UK.


January 13, 2010

BE Broadband line bonding to offer 40Mb broadband speeds

BE Broadband are to launch line bonding which will mean that they can offer broadband at double the speed.

Line bonding is the process of taking two broadband connections and making them work as 1, so you receive double the speed.
So for those currently receiving 20Mb broadband they can expect to receive 40Mb broadband with the line bonding and a 5Mb upload speed, this takes it up to the similar speeds that fibre broadband is initially going to be available from BT.

The service from BE Broadband is initially going to be made available to their existing Pro members although BE have stated that initially they will only be doing a small number of orders and say that they are doing a “softly softly launch”.

The process of the line bonding is not cheap or as simple as running a single connection and BE will be charging those customers who want it a connection fee of around £85 with the monthly fee to members being around £50-£55 per month.

Existing BE Broadband Pro customers can register their interest now at

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Author: Tony @ 4:50 pm

January 5, 2010

BE Broadband drop Value broadband down to £7.50 per month

BE Broadband are bringing in the New Year by dropping the price of their BE Value package by £5.

As of now BE Broadband Value costs just £7.50 per month, down from £13.50, for an 8Mb broadband service on their ADSL2+ network that also offers 1.3Mb upload speeds.

be broadband BE Broadband drop Value broadband down to £7.50 per monthThe usage allowance has been changed from Unlimited to 40Gb, but for most 40Gb should be more than enough per month for most. This is the reason for the drop in price, customers had told BE Broadband that they would prefer a capped service for lower prices than paying more for an Unlimited service. It also means that customers won’t be affected by traffic shaping based on what it is they are downloading and will be able to use their usage allowance as they wish.

The deal is available on a 12 month contract and means that a years supply of broadband costs just £90 which is the cheapest ADSL2+ service in the UK.

Those customers who may be affected by the capped usage will be contacted by BE to discuss their usage and a possible upgrade to an Unlimited service.

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November 6, 2009

12 months half price broadband by using the Be Broadband promotional code

Be Broadband is extending it’s half-price broadband for 12 months offer for new customers who sign up before the end of November.

be broadband 12 months half price broadband by using the Be Broadband promotional codeThe half price broadband offer is available to all new Be broadband customers who sign up to it’s Be Value broadband package that will cost them just £6.75 per month for 12 months.

To receive this half price broadband offer customers must enter the Be Broadband Promotional Code: halfprice when they sign up.

This offer means that customers can get Be Broadband for just £81 for 12 months and making a substantial £81 saving of what it should cost.

The Be Value broadband package offers customers up to 8Mb broadband speed, unlimited usage, a wireless modem and free 24 hour customer support.

Customers need to sign up at before the end of the month to “Be Value” if they want to make use of this deal.


October 15, 2009

BE Broadband Promotional Code gives half price broadband

BE Broadband are offering their BE Value broadband for half price for those who sign up by the 31st October 2009 and enter the promotional code.

be broadband BE Broadband Promotional Code gives half price broadbandThe half price offer will mean that new BE Value broadband customers will just pay £6.75 per month for the first 12 months and receive up to 8Mb broadband, unlimited downloads (fair use policy) and a free wireless modem and no connection fee!

This means that for a staggeringly low £81 you could have a years broadband!

The BE Broadband Promotional Code to enter is “halfprice” at

BE Broadband customers also have the option of a free £25 Amazon voucher on 9 month BE Unlimited and BE Pro packages by entering BE Broadband Promotional CodeAMAZON” when selecting one of these 2 broadband packages.
The Amazon promotion runs until 18th October.


September 25, 2009

Free £25 voucher on 9 month Be Broadband contract

24Mb broadband provider Be Broadband are not only offering their Be Unlimited and Be Pro packages on a 9 month contract but they are now also offering a free £25 voucher to all new subscribers.

be broadband Free £25 voucher on 9 month Be Broadband contractNew subscribers have until the 18th October to sign up to either the Be Unlimited or Be Pro packages to claim their free voucher also also to join on the 9 month contract offer that also runs until the same day.

The Be Unlimited package offers up to 24Mb download and 1.3Mb upload with unlimited usage for just £17.50 per month.

The Be Pro packages offers up to 24Mb download and 2.5Mb upload with unlimited usage and a static IP for just £21.50 per month.

New subscribers who want to claim their free voucher should enter the Be Broadband promotional code: AMAZON when signing up at


September 21, 2009

Be Broadband to use Twitter for status updates

BE broadband have created a new profile on Social Network site Twitter that they will use to announce any service status reports.

BE do try to send emails when there is any outages but in the instance where they are unable to BE Broadband users will be able to check on Twitter for any updates.

BE Broadband customers should  check or bookmark for any status updates.

This is a very simple but extremely useful support and information method to offer to customers and it is hoped that other broadband providers will follow suit as it’s free and quick to get any messages out when the usual methods of communication may not be working.

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