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January 27, 2014

Virgin Media & Sky main winners at uSwitch broadband awards

Last week saw the 2014 broadband awards take place at the Café De Paris in London with awards ranging from the best broadband provider, fastest broadband provider to best broadband innovation.

In total there were 12 awards up for grabs with Virgin Media & Sky scooping the most awards between them with Virgin Media claiming what we think as the main award in the “Best Broadband Provider” category. The awards were voted for by 3,000 broadband customers, uSwitch data and an expert judging panel.

In total Virgin Media won the Best Broadband Provider, Fastest Broadband and Best Customer Rated Broadband awards. They will be happy with those to put to their name, especially as broadband speeds is one of the main benefits that broadband providers use when advertising their packages.

Sky got awarded the Best TV Streaming Service, Best Customer Benefits, Best TV Provider and Best Broadband, TV & Home Phone awards.

BT didn’t fair too bad either, they gathered the Best Broadband Innovation award for their move into TV content that comes free with broadband and also the Best Broadband & Home Phone award. On top of that, Plusnet (Owned by BT) won the Best Value Home Broadband and Best Customer Service awards.

The other winner was EE who gathered the Fastest Mobile Broadband award with their 4G service. broadband expert, Marie-Louise Abretti, said:

Virgin Media and Sky may have come away triumphant, suggesting their customers are the most content, but British broadband – though considered the fourth utility – is by no means perfect with speed, service and cost still top concerns for bill-payers.


September 17, 2009

Virgin Media & Vodafone win broadband speed awards

The broadband comparison site ran it’s annual broadband awards last night.

Their results for winners were based on 1.5 million customer ratings and 400,000 broadband speed tests that they ran and helped them decide who should win each of the 11 categories that were done.

In the broadband speeds stakes the fastest home broadband award was picked up by Virgin Media while Vodafone mobile broadband picked up the fastest mobile broadband award and the best rated mobile broadband award.

The full list of winners and their respective categories were:

  • Best Rated Home Broadband: O2
  • Best Wireless Broadband: BT
  • Best Broadband & TV: Sky
  • Best Broadband & Laptop: Orange
  • Fastest Home Broadband: Virgin Media
  • Fastest Mobile Broadband: Vodafone
  • Best value Mobile Broadband: 3
  • Best Rated Mobile Broadband: Vodafone
  • Best Broadband & Phone: TalkTalk
  • Best Value Home Broadband: Plusnet
  • Best Innovation Award: Virgin Media

It is nice to see that the winners were fairly varied with a good range of broadband providers winning categories and not being dominated by one broadband provider.
The two mobile broadband awards were won by Vodafone but with competition in this area becoming ever more competitive and the technology advancing well we still expect the other mobile broadband providers to be not too far behind.


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