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June 11, 2009

BT want BBC to pay iPlayer bandwidth contributions

BT is calling for the BBC to pay up if they want their iPlayer content to be available over their network. BT say the cost in terms of bandwidth is huge for delivering content for the iPlayer. The iPlayer allows users to watch BBC programmes online via their broadband connection and as it’s popularity continues to grow and more aqnd more broadband users make use of it the more it is costing in bandwidth bills.

BT was found to be throttling iPlayer traffic between 5pm and midnight when demand on the network was at it’s greatest, with users reporting that their broadband speeds dropped considerably when using iPlayer. It is not only BT who have done this, with many other ISPs also doing the same with many also saying that the BBC should pay contributions to the cost for delivering their content.

It would not just be the BBC with the iPlayer that contributions would be requested from, YouTube and other very high traffic video steaming sites could also be asked for contributions.
It is not unfeasible to see that the iPlayer could in future be delivering many peoples television direct into their living rooms  as people choose exactly what they want to watch and when they want to watch it.

One thought is the fact of net neutrality, why should one sites data be throttled and limited to customers and users just because it is popular and other sites get all their data sent at full unrestricted speeds which makes it an un-level playing field.

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Author: Mark @ 11:52 am

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