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June 18, 2009

Mobile broadband on the trains

Mobile Broadband is to be made available to the whole of the UK rail network by 2012 was another of the plans that was in the Digital Britain Report.

mobile broadband trains Mobile broadband on the trainsThe London 2012 Olympic Games are being said to be the most digital games yet and this is the proposed time when Britain’s rail network, including the London underground, should have reliable phone and broadband available.

Currently when traveling on the rail network in the UK there is patchy coverage at best with frequent loss of signal and the London Underground fairing worse with usually no signal available at all.

The government has called on the mobile broadband providers to come to them with a solution of how they can work to make a reliable mobile broadband network on the rail networks over here.
This is not the first time that talks about installing mobile broadband onto the London Underground have been discussed, only in March this year were the latest discussions but they were dismissed due to the current financial state of the country at the moment.

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Author: Tony @ 12:04 pm

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