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April 11, 2012

BT Infinity broadband speeds to double to 76Mb from tomorrow

BT fibre broadband speeds are set to double from tomorrow with download speeds set to be boosted to up to 76Mb.

bt infinity logo 300x195 BT Infinity broadband speeds to double to 76Mb from tomorrowIt is not only BT Infinity customers who will benefit from the broadband speed increases but fibre broadband customers who have their fibre broadband connection with another broadband provider who uses BT’s wholesale fibre broadband network will also be able to get the speed increase providing their broadband provider make them available, TalkTalk for an example have already been accepting pre-orders for the new faster services that will be available.

BT Infinity 2 customers will see the download speeds just about double, up to 76Mb and upload speeds up to 19Mb, those on BT Infinity 1 will see their download speeds stay at up to 38Mb but will see their upload speeds increase 5 fold, from 1.9Mb up to 9.5Mb.

Any new BT Infinity customers who sign up from tomorrow (12th April 2012) will automatically be put on to the new faster broadband speeds (use a broadband speed test to check your speed), the same for any customers who are switching from another provider. Existing customers can receive the speed increases by starting a new contract, at no extra cost.

The BT Consumer, managing director, John Petter, said:

Super-fast broadband is helping people enjoy the internet far more than ever before. However, many providers have forgotten about the importance of fast upload speeds. BT believes that fast upstream speeds are vital given how people now use the internet and so we are distancing ourselves from the competition by providing the UK’s fastest upload speed.

BT currently has more than 7 million UK premises that are available to connect to it’s BT Infinity network, with this figure reaching 10 million by the end of 2012 and around two thirds of UK premises by the end of 2014.


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