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January 31, 2014

BT’s profits up as Superfast broadband & live sports bring customers

BT has reported an increase in profits and sales for the last quarter of 2013.

Free BT Sport with BT BroadbandBT reported pre-tax profits of £617m on revenues of £4.6bn for the last 3 months of 2013, this is a rise of 2% on turnover and is the first time they have had a rise since the first quarter of 2009 and also marks a substantial 6% rise in the pre-tax profits.

Much of BT’s growth has come because of the strategic investment in live sports of their BT Sports TV channel to compete against BSkyB. They now have 2.5 million customers using their TV service, many of which are BT Infinity broadband customers who get to receive free access to the BT Sports channels. BT has got a broadband customer base of 7.1 million customers with 1.9 million of those taking out a fibre optic broadband connection with BT.

In the 3rd quarter of 2013 BT Openreach took on 339,000 new superfast broadband customers (not all BT as BT Openreach is the division of BT that deals with rolling out their network), this was up 38% on a year previous. On a net basis, BT added 150,000 standard and superfast broadband customers which equated to 60% growth in the overall market.

BT have invested very heavily in the rights to live sports, with football being the main area they have put most of their money, they have spent £738m per season for 3 years for the rights to exclusively show 38 live Premier League games, they have also spent a further £900m for the exclusive rights to show Champions League and Europa League games for 3 years from 2015 too.

To view a full breakdown of BT’s Third Quarter results visit

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July 12, 2013

BT to launch Ultrafast 300Mb fibre broadband

BT is to up the fibre broadband speed stakes once again for those who are connected to their full FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) connections by later this year by launching an Infinity 300Mb broadband service.

The Infinity 300Mb package will offer 300Mb download speeds and 20Mb upload speeds and will have no usage limits or any traffic management. Existing FTTP customers will be able to upgrade from their existing packages if they wish. It will cost £50 per month which is £15 more than BT’s current fastest 160Mb package.
It is no real surprise that this new package is to be laucnhed as BT have been testing 300Mb broadband since last year and now feel that towards the end of this year as the right time to launch it.

Along with the news of the new Ultrafast broadband package BT has also announced their new Home Hub 5 which offers superfast ac Wi-Fi, 4 GigE ports and an integrated VDSL modem and will mean that BT Infinity customers will no longer need to have 2 boxes. The Home Hub 4 will still be uised by customers who are connected to BT’s copper network.

David McDonald, from BT, said:
The new BT Home Hub 5 and the introduction of 300Mbps FTTP show how we are obsessed with providing an amazing broadband experience. BT has always had the edge here, but we are now leaping ahead of the competition. Only BT offers a service that combines dual band, Wi-Fi, no traffic management, market leading network performance and Superfast BT Infinity. BT’s unlimited products really are “Totally Unlimited”, and BT will never do anything to slow these customers down. If customers want a great browsing, streaming, gaming and uploading experience there is only one choice.


April 18, 2012

BT Infinity “unbeatable” adverts pulled by the ASA

BT have been told they can’t run a series of commercials and advertising again that claimed that their BT Infinity fibre broadband was “unbeatable”.

bt infinity logo 300x195 BT Infinity unbeatable adverts pulled by the ASAThe ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) upheld 4 complaints made about the BT adverts that appears on TV, in the press and online after agreeing that the adverts were misleading.

Virgin Media along with 3 other complainants raised 4 points for concern over BT’s advertising which included:

Share photos and videos at unbeatable speeds. Do more online with three times faster fibre optic broadband.
Share music, photos and videos at unbeatable speeds. Four times faster broadband. Only from BT.

The complaint with these particular points was that it was misleading customers in to thinking they could receive the four times faster broadband in all areas, which is not the case.
Also, BT said that the unbeatable speeds they were on about were upload speeds and not download, however the ASA concluded that the advertising was mis-leading as there was no evidence that BT’s download speeds were unbeatable as the advertising did not make it clear it was relating to upload speeds.

The full report and findings of the report can be viewed at

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April 11, 2012

BT Infinity broadband speeds to double to 76Mb from tomorrow

BT fibre broadband speeds are set to double from tomorrow with download speeds set to be boosted to up to 76Mb.

bt infinity logo 300x195 BT Infinity broadband speeds to double to 76Mb from tomorrowIt is not only BT Infinity customers who will benefit from the broadband speed increases but fibre broadband customers who have their fibre broadband connection with another broadband provider who uses BT’s wholesale fibre broadband network will also be able to get the speed increase providing their broadband provider make them available, TalkTalk for an example have already been accepting pre-orders for the new faster services that will be available.

BT Infinity 2 customers will see the download speeds just about double, up to 76Mb and upload speeds up to 19Mb, those on BT Infinity 1 will see their download speeds stay at up to 38Mb but will see their upload speeds increase 5 fold, from 1.9Mb up to 9.5Mb.

Any new BT Infinity customers who sign up from tomorrow (12th April 2012) will automatically be put on to the new faster broadband speeds (use a broadband speed test to check your speed), the same for any customers who are switching from another provider. Existing customers can receive the speed increases by starting a new contract, at no extra cost.

The BT Consumer, managing director, John Petter, said:

Super-fast broadband is helping people enjoy the internet far more than ever before. However, many providers have forgotten about the importance of fast upload speeds. BT believes that fast upstream speeds are vital given how people now use the internet and so we are distancing ourselves from the competition by providing the UK’s fastest upload speed.

BT currently has more than 7 million UK premises that are available to connect to it’s BT Infinity network, with this figure reaching 10 million by the end of 2012 and around two thirds of UK premises by the end of 2014.


October 5, 2011

BT to launch 300Mb fibre broadband

BT Broadband are to offer broadband speeds up to 300Mb via it’s FTTP (Fibre To The Premises/Home) and double the speeds of it’s FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) to around 80Mb during 2012.

bt logo BT to launch 300Mb fibre broadbandBT Openreach have announced today the speed increases that they are planning to roll out it the BT Fibre broadband network which will see the full fibre broadband connections that are available to some see the launch speeds of 110Mb have their available speeds upped to a whopping 300Mb from Spring 2012. Only a relatively small number of premises are connected via the full Fibre broadband offering from BT to be able to have these broadband speeds as a reality, however, the up to 300Mb broadband speeds do represent broadband speeds 3 times faster than the headline 100Mb broadband that Virgin Media currently offer. It would be little surprise though to see or hear of plans from Virgin media to also increase their headline speeds. We already know that they have run trials that allows them to offer speeds of up to 1.5Gb using the same infrastructure that they have already in place (Virgin’s 1.5Gb broadband trial a success).

On top of this BT also announced that they will be able to double the fibre broadband speeds that the majority of the country will receive via their FTTC deployment from 40Mb to 80Mb.

BT are investing £2.5bn in rolling out fibre broadband across the UK, the majority of which is via Fibre To The Cabinet which then requires the standard copper cables from the streetside cabinet to take broadband the remaining distance, by the end of 2015 they hope to have fibre broadband available to around two thirds of the country.

Liv Garfield, the chief executive of BT Openreach, said:

Today is a significant step in the UK’s broadband journey. These developments will transform broadband speeds across the country and propel the UK up the broadband league tables.

All our fibre products are fit for the future and these developments show that to be the case. As always, we want to go further and faster and so our journey doesn’t end here. We can turn up the dial should there be demand and so we can look to the future with confidence.

No-one is keener than us to extend these super-fast speeds to rural areas and so we will be bidding for public funds to help extend these services even further. The challenge is a tough one but by working with the public sector it is within our reach.

BT sell their fibre broadband to customers via BT Infinity.


June 15, 2011

BT to pass 5 million homes with fibre broadband

BT’s ( fibre broadband network is to pass 5 million homes by the end of this month and BT have announced a further 66 exchanges that are set to be enabled with FTTC that will cover a further 1 million homes.

bt logo BT to pass 5 million homes with fibre broadbandBT are undergoing a huge £2.5bn fibre broadband roll-out across the country and have already got it installed in around 5 million UK homes with the roll out not set to slow down. There are already plenty of other exchanges that are earmarked ready for upgrading to fibre and BT have released the names of 66 new exchanges that will also be included. Some of these new exchanges will be upgraded by the end of this year but most will be being done during 2012.

By the end of the roll out BT are aiming to have covered two thirds of UK homes with fibre by 2015, the majority are to be connected via FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) which currently offers broadband speeds up to 40Mb although speeds in future should be able to be increased.

Some other interesting facts about BT’s £2.5bn fibre investment are that they are currently passing around 80,000 new premises per week. By the end of the programme they will have installed 30,000 cabinets, connecting 200,000 distribution points and enabled over 1,000 exchanges which will also mean they will need to lay over 50,000km of fibre!
Those wanting to sign up for fibre broadband can do so with BT at BT Infinity (

The list of the new exchanges are:



January 13, 2011

41 market towns added to BT’s fibre broadband list

41 market towns across the UK have been added to BT’s list of places that they will roll out their next generation fibre broadband to with broadband speeds up to 40Mb.

bt infinity 41 market towns added to BTs fibre broadband listThis extra 41 market towns will supply around 300,000 businesses and consumers with the fibre broadband which will be available to them from Spring 2012.
These market towns are on top of the 785 exchanges that BT has already planned that will receive fibre broadband under it’s £2.5 billion fibre broadband roll out scheme over the next few years.  They represent around 8 million premises in total which is around half of the total that BT are aiming to have the fibre network rolled out to which when complete should cover around 66% of UK premises.

The majority of BT’s fibre broadband roll-out (BT Infinity) is using FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) which will offer broadband download speeds of up to 40Mb and upload speeds of up to 10Mb. In the future this could be increased to download speeds of 60Mb and upload speeds of 15Mb. FTTC uses fibre optics to deliver the broadband to the street-side cabinet and form there the standard copper wire will be used to transfer the signal the rest of the distance to the house.

A few places will receive full FTTH/P (Fibre To The Home/Premises) where along with the fibre optic cable taking the broadband to the cabinet there will also be a fibre optic cable taking the data the distance form the exchange to the premises too and will mean broadband speeds up to 100Mb.

The 41 market towns added to the list are as follow:

Bishop auckland
Edinburgh musselburgh
Frinton- on-sea
Great dunmow
Royston, south yorkshire

We currently have a poll running on if you are happy with your broadband speed, the poll can be found on our broadband speed test page.


January 4, 2011

BT’s “Race To Infinity” winners announced

BT’s “Race To Infinity” competition came to a close on new years eve and finally we can see which of the 6 lucky towns received the most votes to be selected for an upgrade to fibre optic broadband.

the race to infinity BTs Race To Infinity winners announcedThe competition was originally only going to have 5 selected areas but BT have added an extra one to the list due to the fact each of the selected areas received extremely high levels of votes. All the towns will have their local network upgraded to fibre by early 2012.
In total there was more than 360,000 votes cast across the UK.

The 6 winning tows were:

  • Baschurch, Shropshire
  • Blewbury, Oxfordshire
  • Caxton, Cambridgeshire
  • Innerleithen, Scottish Borders
  • Madingley, Cambridgeshire
  • Whitchurch, Hampshire

Those areas that did not win though may have at least put their area on the map for BT to consider in the future by showing a demand for the BT Infinity network to be deployed there. Some of the areas this may include are Marton in Warwickshire, Capel in Surrey, Burley in Wharfedale in Bradford and Lindfield in West Sussex. All these areas just missed out getting into the top 6

The BT Infinity network will offer users a FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) fibre broadband connection which will offer download speeds of up to 40Mb and upload speeds up to 10Mb.

Chris Whatmore who was one of the campaign co-ordinators for the Blewbury exchange said:

“Everyone in our five local villages deserves a pat on the back. The highlights for me have been working with some great people, getting a vote from our oldest resident, who’s 101, and leaping into the number one position the moment we hit 1,000 votes.

Quite a few of us were involved in a previous broadband campaign, so we were familiar with the issues and had a number of ready-made contacts who we knew would be supportive. It seemed a natural thing for this core team to start the ball rolling. With proper, future-proof broadband, Blewbury can attract people or businesses that need and depend on high-speed data connectivity.”

BT are investing £2.5 billion in their fibre optic network over the next few years and plans on having it available to two thirds of the UK by 2015.


November 16, 2010

First 2 places hit 1,000 votes in BTs Race To Infinity

BT’s Race To Infinity campaign has seen the first 2 exchanges reach 1000 votes to put them in the lead to be one of 5 places that are to receive BT fibre broadband installed to.

The towns of Caxton in Cambridgeshire and Malvern in Worcestershire are the first two places that have passed the 1,000 minimum vote required target but there is still around a month and half of the campaign still to run so other areas still have plenty fo time to get their vote sin for their locations.

Clayton Hudson from Cambourne paris council said:

We’re over the moon that we are currently leading the race. There has been a phenomenal response both here in Cambourne and the smaller villages that feed the Caxton exchange and we are determined to be in the top five at the end of the year.

There has so far been over 200,000 votes cast in the Race To Infinity campaign which covers the UK from top to bottom and it is due to continue until 31st December 2010.

The 5 areas that are selected by winning the competition will have their exchanges upgraded to fibre optics by early 2012, most likely with a FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) connection which would offer fibre broadband speeds up to 40Mb.

BT are already investing £2.5 bn on their fibre network which should cover 66% of the UK by 2015, by the end of this year there should be around 4 million premises that are able to connect to the new next generation network.

To register a vote for where you live you simply need to visit:


November 11, 2010

BT Infinity available to over 3 million with 4,000 signing up per week

BT’s latest results show that their fibre broadband network (BT Infinity) has passed 3 million premises yet currently only around 40,000 customers have signed up to the next generation broadband service.

bt logo BT Infinity available to over 3 million with 4,000 signing up per weekThe figure of around 40,000 customers signed up to BT’s own BT Infinity product doesn’t take into account people who are signed up through other broadband providers who use BT’s fibre network. Currently BT Infinity orders are adding around 4,000 new customers to the fibre broadband network each week.

By 2015 BT are aiming to have 2 thirds of UK homes covered by it’s fibre broadband network which will offer broadband speeds up to 40Mb for the majority of customers who will be connected via FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet). Over this period BT are investing £2.5 billion in this new next generation network which will also for the lucky few who will be connected by FTTH (Fibre To The Home) be able to sign up to their up to 110Mb fibre broadband service next March!

On standard broadband additions BT managed to take an impressive 45% of all new broadband additions in the second quarter, which in real terms was around 114,000 new customers which took their total broadband customer base to 5.34 million.

Ian Livingston, the Chief Executive for BT said:

“We have made significant progress in improving profitability and cash flow, enabling us to invest in building the foundations for revenue growth in 2012/13.

We have increased our EBITDA outlook for the year and now expect to hit our £2bn free cash flow target two years early.

Global Services order intake was up 50% at £2.1bn. Our fibre roll out has passed three million premises and BT Infinity orders are now running at over 4,000 per week. BT Vision customers now stand at more than half a million, with more developments planned to enhance our offering. Our share of DSL broadband net additions was 45%, one of our highest shares ever.”

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