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March 24, 2010

BT quote businessman £56,000 for internet connection to his premises

A man who wants to be able to file his VAT return online has been told that it will cost £56,000 by BT to have internet installed at his premises!

When Tony Simkin of Beulah, Ceredigion in Wales asked BT for a quote replied saying it would cost £48,250 plus £8,443 VAT to have internet connected to his premises as he would require a new line to be installed.
His current line he has since found out can’t be used for internet because it is being shared with an unmanned water pumping station that is close by, if his line hadn’t been shared then he would likely already be able to use the internet, like the 2  farms that are located within 400 yards of his premises.

BT have claimed that he was quote £40,000 ex VAT for the installation with BT Openreach apparently offering to pay the first £8,000 of the work, they also said:

“There can be very rare cases where additional charges are applied because of an exceptional amount of work required in order to provide service.”

From the 1st  of April all VAT returns have to be completed online meaning that those who don’t have internet access will have to find it to be able to file their VAT return.

The government have a Universal broadband pledge where they want everyone in the UK to have a minimum broadband speed of 2Mb by 2012 which until that date it would seem unfair to be making everyone have to file VAT returns online, especially in many rural areas where internet is not available and will be a big problem for farmers and other rural businesses who may not have internet access or even posses the skills to use a computer.


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