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June 22, 2009

Wi-Fi hotspots added to ATM machines

Wireless hotspots are to be enabled into Cashbox ATM machine locations it has been announced today.

Cashbox and BT have agreed a 5 year deal that will see the sites of the Cahbox ATM machines become Wi-Fi hotspots that will allow BT Openzone users be able to connect to the Internet.
Initially 10 of the Cashbox locations will be enabled and with 2500 Cashbox locations around the UK there is plenty of extra room for more to be enabled and utilised.

The initial 10 locations are Tiger Tiger sites in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff, and Digress, The Wall, Agenda, Abacus, Livery and Alibi bar restaurants in the City of London.

BT Broadband customers who receive free Wi-Fi minutes each month and also O2 iPhone users have access to over 3000 BT Openzone hotspots included in their contracts and so these extra locations will also become available to them to use.

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Author: Mark @ 3:59 pm

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