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March 13, 2014

UK broadband best of the “EU Top 5″ countries

The UK has now passed 4 of the major EU competitors when it comes to broadband according to Ofcom.

Ofcom claim that the UK is now ahead of Germany, France, Italy and Spain to make it the best of the “Big 5″ EU nations and in ninth overall in Europe. The study from Ofcom looks at a range of things for its “European Broadband Scorecard”, such as coverage, take-up, usage and choice for both mobile and fixed broadband and pricing. Broadband speeds are not overly featured in these results because Ofcom say that there are no comparable figures to compare against across Europe.

In Ofcoms report it claims that the UK leads to “Big 5″ (“EU5″) in coverage, take-up, usage and choice for both mobile and fixed broadband and performs well on price.

Superfast broadband availability in the UK has also shown a good improvement with around 60% having access at the end of 2011 with it now up at 73%. Take up of superfast broadband which is classed as broadband speeds of 30Mb or above in the UK is 9% while the second closest EU5 country was Spain with 6%.

Among the EU5, using the most recent comparable data, the UK has:

  • highest broadband take-up (all types, by household), at 83%
  • highest proportion of people to have bought goods online over a year (77%)
  • highest weekly usage of the internet (87%)
  • lowest proportion of people who have never used the internet (8%)

With regards to broadband speeds, Ofcom recorded the UK’s average speed during November 2013 as 17.8Mb, although this is around double what Akamai (who measure global broadband speeds) have for the UK at 9.1Mb.

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