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February 22, 2010

Virgin Media Travel Passes launch for mobile broadband and Internet access abroad

Virgin Media have launched a range of Travel Passes for those who want to use the Internet abroad.

The Virgin Media Travel Passes are designed to offer mobile Internet and mobile broadband access for users to get online anywhere in the EU.

virgin media Virgin Media Travel Passes launch for mobile broadband and Internet access abroadThe new Travel Passes will offer an Internet connection for users while away abroad but take out the risk of running up huge bills and getting a “Bill Shock”.
“Bill Shock” is the term used for unexpectedly large bills caused by using mobile Internet and mobile broadband. Only earlier today we reported a story of a student who ran up a £8,000 mobile broadband bill in just over a month while away in France.

The Virgin Media Travel Passes come as either a Mobile Internet  pass to a Mobile Broadband Pass.

The Mobile Internet EU Travel Passes on offer are available are either a one hour pass that costs £4 or a 24 hour pass for £6.
To activate the EU Mobile Internet Travel Pass users simply need to text BUY + pass name (e.g. 24HR or 1HR) to the short code: 23456

The Mobile Broadband EU Travel Passes come with 4 different options.
A one day costing £10 for 10Mb, 3 days costing £15 for 15Mb, 7 days costing £30 for 30Mb or the option of a 30 day travel pass costing £60 for 60Mb.

To activate a Mobile Broadband Travel Pass users simply need to text BUY + pass name (e.g. 1DAY or 3DAY) to short code 23456

The countries that the Virgin Media Travel Passes are available to be used in within EU/EEA zones include:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus (excluding Turkish Northern Cyprus), Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (including French Guinea, Guadeloupe, Martinique & Reunion), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal (including Azores & Madeira), Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway.

Virgin Media are the largest UK fibre broadband provider and are a quad-play provider who offer broadband, TV, phone and mobile.


£8,000 mobile broadband bill for student who went to France

A university student who went to Paris to study has been left with a mobile broadband bill of almost £8,000!

William Harrison, aged 22, went into an Orange store and asked the assistant about mobile broadband and using it in France. He was advised by the staff in the Orange store that mobile broadband would be fine to use in France and recommended him a short term contract that offered him 3Gb usage and told him that this would be “perfectly ample” for what he needed it for. His usage was often to use Skype for phone calls and he didn’t download or watch videos or other applications that used allot of data.
William regularly used Skye back home to make free phone calls over the Internet and thought that he would be able to save money by doing so when in France.

What William was unaware of was that the data transfer was not able to be used outside of the UK and that Orange were charging him £2.94 per Mb for using the dongle abroad.
After his first month of using the mobile broadband dongle abroad last September he received his first bill for a whopping £6,101.56. Upon receiving this he straight away queried the bill and got the mobile broadband dongle blocked so he could not rack up any more charges, however in the meantime between receiving his bill and the dongle getting blocked he racked up a further £1,547.21 and took his total bill up to £7,648.77!

When Williams father, Roger phoned up to speak to Orange about this the Orange operator he spoke to was shocked that this bill had got so large as there should be a £40 per month limit. However the operator was seemingly also unaware that this did not apply to usage when abroad.

There is new European laws to be introduced to help stop users getting “Bill Shock” where the bill would cut off when it reaches a limit of 50 Euros (about £44), although users can alter this limit if they wish.
These laws however, although introduced last year didn’t have to be implemented until 1st March this year.

It is understood that the bill has been halved by Orange and payment terms of 24 months have been made available to William to pay back the mobile broadband bill.


June 30, 2009

Three mobile broadband reduce EU roaming charges

Mobile broadband roaming charges have always been pricey so Three have reduced their roaming charges for mobile broadband down to £1.25 per MB making them the cheapest for roaming charges of the UK mobile broadband operators.

laptop beach Three mobile broadband reduce EU roaming chargesThe new rates come in effect from today and makes Three mobile broadband 25p per MB cheaper that T-Mobile who are their closest priced rival. Virgin Mobile charge a staggering £5 per MB according to Three.

The full comparison of roaming charges when abroad as compiled by Three is below and is correct at the time it was put together.
three roaming charges 1024x593 Three mobile broadband reduce EU roaming chargesThe new prices are not a short term offer for the summer months but are going to be available throughout the year in all EU roaming territories.

The EU has announced a wholesale cap on the charges that other providers can charge each other in the 27 EU member states, making a cap of 1 Euro (around 85p at today’s rate) per MB. This is designed to help try and keep roaming charges down amongst the mobile providers.

It is likely now that we will see the other mobile broadband providers also reducing their rates now these new EU roaming charge caps have been introduced.


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