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November 14, 2011

O2 launch 4G mobile broadband trial in London

O2 are today launching the first 4G (LTE – Long Term Evolution) network trial in London and will offer people in the capital access to the new super fast mobile network.

Around 1,000 people will be invited to partake in the trial, this includes business staff at John Lewis. The 4G network itself is made up of over 25 4G sites across London, stretching from Hyde Park to the O2 in Greenwich, it will also cover key areas which include Canary Wharf, Soho, Westminster, South Bank & Kings Cross. Over 40 square kilometers is the combined coverage area.

The trial is due to last for 9 months between now and Summer 2012 with the trialists being provided with Samsung B3730 mobile broadband dongles (there are currently no 4G compatible phones) which are capable of broadband speeds up to 150Mb. According to the Guardian newspaper it is expected that broadband speeds of between 25Mb-50Mb are likely to be the average expected, however when the 4G is rolled out nationally the average speed is expected to drop to between 10Mb-15Mb, this is still faster than the current UK average broadband sped of around 7Mb.

4G uses the same signal space as analogue TV signals, because of this the whole network can’t be turned on until all analogue TV signals have been fully turned off and the auction for the spectrum has taken place (currently scheduled for around 2013). O2 have reportedly spent £500 million upgrading its network this year and probably similar next year to make more of its network to run 4G.

Another impressive stat as to how much 4G is likely to benefit mobile broadband is that the 25 masts that O2 have installed in London for this trial are able to carry more data that O2′s entire 3G network nationally can!

4G is also hopefully going to be a saviour for some areas where fibre broadband isn’t going to be rolled out to so they too can benefit from faster broadband speeds.

There are currently no 4G phones available and in future anyone wanting to connect to a 4G network will need to have a 4G enabled phone, that is why those people trialing the 4G network in London have been given mobile broadband dongles that will be able to fit into laptops and tablet computers.

The Chief Executive Officer for O2, Ronan Dunne, said:

Today’s launch of the UK’s first 4G London trial network demonstrates our commitment to delivering 4G to our customers at the earliest opportunity. The work we are doing now will lay the foundations for our commercial 4G network when it launches in the UK.


May 26, 2011

O2 fastest mobile broadband provider

The fastest mobile broadband in the UK is provided by O2 according to a study done by Ofcom.

o2 logo O2 fastest mobile broadband providerThe study done last year between September and December was done by Ofcom in partnership with Epitiro, the broadband monitoring specialists, found that the average mobile broadband speed was 1.5Mb with an average web page taking 8.5 seconds to download, this was done using dongles and datacards and did not include smartphones.

In areas where there was very good 3G coverage the average mobile broadband speeds were 2.1Mb which during peak evening hours fell to 1.7Mb with basic web pages taking around 2.2 seconds to download on average.

average mobile broadband speeds 2010 O2 fastest mobile broadband provider

Between the 5 mobile broadband providers in the UK it was O2 mobile broadband that on average performed the fastest and had a lower latency that 3, Orange and Vodafone. O2 averaged around 2.5-3Mb speeds while at the other end of the scale Orange were averaging around 1-1.4Mb speeds.

Other interesting parts that the study found was that 17% of UK households use mobile broadband services to access online services with 7% using it as their only means of internet access, a 4% rise in a year from the 3% the previous year.

Over 4.2 million broadband speed tests were run for the study with 97 static test probes across the UK being used to gather the results.


February 23, 2010

O2 Mobile broadband top speed tests

O2 have topped the mobile broadband speed test charts for downloading music to be found as the fastest mobile broadband provider in the UK with Vodafone found as the fastest for downloading web pages.

Although the test were commission by O2 they were performed by an independent contractor with the results being independently verified by the British Approvals Broad for Telecommunications (BABT).

o2 broadband O2 Mobile broadband top speed testsThe tests were performed by Siroda who tested the mobile broadband speeds of the mobile broadband providers at the 20 largest UK cities during January, which included London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and Sheffield.
Music files were downloaded and the speed measured and also the time it took to load web pages with the tests taking place between 10am and 10pm Monday to Sunday over a 60 day period.

Of the 20 cities that the tests were performed at, O2 Mobile broadband was fastest at 12 of these locations and second in 4 of the other locations.

In London, O2 Mobile broadband on average took 1.7 seconds to download a web page which was 30% fastest than the slowest operator.

It was quite an even spread overall for the web page download speeds for the 20 cities tested.
Below shows the mobile broadband operator and how many cities they were quickest at loading web pages at with Vodafone just topping the charts.

O2 – 4
Orange – 4
Three – 3
Vodafone – 5
T-Mobile – 4

The results for the fastest for downloading music files are as follows.
O2 – 12
Orange – 0
Three – 1
Vodafone – 5
T-Mobile – 2

Towards the end part of 2009, O2 installed 40 new masts around London in a £30 million investment in its network infrastructure and with London being one of the places that O2 came top in this investment will have helped them with their mobile broadband speeds.
What we need is this same investment to be taken in other locations around the UK to help build on the mobile broadband speeds that other parts of the country can receive.

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November 16, 2009

O2 Mobile Broadband – Half price Pay-as-you-go dongle offer

Those who want to get a Pay-as-you-Go mobile broadband dongle can get one half price until tomorrow if they choose O2 mobile broadband.

o2 mobile broadband dongle O2 Mobile Broadband   Half price Pay as you go dongle offerO2 have halved the price of their mobile broadband pay as you go dongle from £29 down to £14.67 but it is only available at this price until the 17th November (tomorrow)!

O2 mobile broadband pay as you go customers have 3 different tariffs to choose from which include:

  • £2 per day that gives 500Mb data
  • £7.50 per week which has a weekly allowance of 1Gb
  • £15 per month which includes 3Gb of data

All the deals also include unlimited WiFi access.

To get your half price O2 Mobile broadband Pay as you go dongle you need to get your order [placed online before midnight on the 17trh November by visiting


July 31, 2009

O2 Mobile broadband say £200 per extra GB a deterrent

O2 says it’s £200.70 per GB for extra data above an O2 mobile broadband customers limit is designed to be a deterrent.

We reported how a study found that 78% of mobile broadband users were unaware that they could face hefty charges if they went over their broadband usage limit, with O2 coming out as the worst with a charge of £200 per extra GB.

o2 mobile broadband dongle O2 Mobile broadband say £200 per extra GB a deterrentIn comparison T-Mobile didn’t charge customers if they went over their limit and instead warned them of the fact.

O2 said that very few of their customers went over the data transfer limit and that they text customers when they have used 50% of their allowance and again when they have used 90% and then if a customer goes over their limit they will receive another text.

When you consider that on a Pay & Go deal O2 charge £7.50 for 1Gb and 7 days mobile broadband access or for a full months access and 3Gb of data transfer a charge of £15 applies it goes to show how excessive the current fee is of £0.20 per Mb.

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July 28, 2009

O2 Mobile broadband half the price of dongle for 1 week

O2 have halved the price of it’s Pre Pay mobile broadband dongle to bring the price down to just £14.67 for 1 week (Click here for offer)

o2 mobile broadband dongle O2 Mobile broadband half the price of dongle for 1 weekThe standard price for O2 Mobile broadband Pre pay dongle is £29.35 and this is the price it will revert back to next Tuesday 4th August.

The current O2 Mobile broadband Pay & Go charges are:

  • Mobile Broadband Daily (available for 24 hours) – For £2 for 500MB + Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Broadband Weekly (available for 7 days) – For £7.50 for 1GB + Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Broadband Monthly (available for 30 days) – For £15 for 3GB + Unlimited Wi-Fi

It was only last week that O2 launched a mobile broadband dongle amnesty in Manchester where users who had mobile broadband dongles from other broadband providers could bring them into an O2 shop and swap them for free for a O2 mobile broadband dongle.

This latest half price dongle offer is definitely worth getting for anyone who wants to try mobile broadband. To get your hald price O2 Mobile broadband dongle visit


July 20, 2009

O2 Mobile broadband offer free dongle swap

O2 are offering mobile broadband users in Manchester a free mobile broadband dongle swap.

What O2 want is for mobile broadband users of other networks to bring their USB dongles in to one of the O2 stores across the city and they will be given a free O2 mobile broadband Pay & Go dongle in exchange for their existing one. O2 mobile broadband customers whose contract has expired are also able to trade in their old dongle too.

 O2 Mobile broadband offer free dongle swapUsers have until 30th July to take part in the  mobile broadband “amnesty” and receive their free Pay & Go mobile broadband dongle which gives users the chance to try without commitment what O2 mobile broadband can offer them.

Jonathan Earle, Head of Pay Monthly, said:
“We believe that O2 Mobile Broadband provides the best quality service available but we don’t want to just say it, we want people to try it for themselves. With O2’s mobile broadband amnesty we are giving other mobile broadband users the chance to give us a try without having to commit to a lengthy contract.

O2 mobile broadband users also receive free access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots when they have a pay monthly or pay & go deal with O2 (the free wi-fi is only available for the same length of time that the pay as you go is active for).

For anyone who struggles with their mobile broadband connection it could be worth trading in and trying to see if O2 performs any better, however if you are with a mobile broadband provider and you are satisfied with your service and receive good coverage then it may well be a good idea to stay with them unless you know that O2 mobile broadband has coverage where you usually use your mobile broadband.

The current O2 mobile broadband Pay & Go charges are:

  • Mobile Broadband Daily (available for 24 hours) – For £2 for 500MB + Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Broadband Weekly (available for 7 days) – For £7.50 for 1GB + Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Broadband Monthly (available for 30 days) – For £15 for 3GB + Unlimited Wi-Fi

The participating stores in and around Manchester that the “amnesty” is taking place at are:
Altrincham, Ashton-Under-Lyme, Victoria Plaza Bolton, Bury, Denton, Oldham, Rochdale, St Helens, Warrington, Grand Arcade Wigan, Woodcock Square Wigan, Arndale Centre Manchester, Cross St Manchester, Market Street Manchester, Salford Quays, Northwich, Stockport and two stores in the Trafford Centre


June 29, 2009

O2 Mobile broadband customer now receive access to BT Openzone hotspots

O2 Mobile broadband customers are now able to use BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots due to a deal done between O2 and BT Openzone.

Currently O2 mobile broadband customers have access to around 7,500 wi-fi hotspots and this deal will mean customers have around 3,000 more available to them which includes all Starbucks after BT Openzone beat T-Mobile to be their new Wi-Fi supplier.

For customers to receive these extra Wi-Fi hotspot locations will require them to upgrade their Connection Manager software which at the moment is only available to Microsoft Windows users.
The new Connection Manager will also have other features such as a data counter that will log how much data transfer users use so they can keep on track of where they are up to with their monthly data allowance and be sent reminders when they have used up 75%, 90% and 100% of their allocated data.

Existing O2 mobile broadband customers can make use of this now and new customers will receive access from the end of July.


June 22, 2009

Hack for iPhone gives free O2 mobile broadband

Owners of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS handsets are able to get around the charges that O2 Mobile charge to turn their phone into a mobile broadband modem dongle.

apple iphone 3g Hack for iPhone gives free O2 mobile broadbandThe website has available some software that will allows access to the tethering service meaning that the iPhone can be used as a mobile broadband modem with the 3Gb data transfer limit for free.
O2 say that this is against their Terms of Service and will disconnect any user they find doing this without paying for the Bolt On.

O2 are the only provider in the UK that can sell the iPhone and charge £14.68 per month to users to be able to turn their phone into a wireless mobile broadband modem that has 3Gb data transfer per month.

Currently iPhone users who download the iPhone 3.0 update are able to get around O2 mobile broadband charges to use their Internet connection for free.


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