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August 18, 2014

Wales 96% fibre coverage by Spring 2016

190,000 homes in Wales can now access superfast fibre optic broadband due to the Superfast Cymru programme which has helped to fund fibre broadband to areas not commercially covered.

The Welsh Government have targeted there to be 96% of Wales to be covered with 80Mb broadband speeds by Spring 2016.

Ken Skates, the Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology, said:

Superfast Cymru is one of the most ambitious programmes of its kind, bringing fast fibre broadband to areas which otherwise would not receive it.  I am pleased today to be able to announce the next phase of this programme, which shows how more and more communities are set to benefit.

By the time Superfast Cymru is completed in 2016 Wales will be one of the most connected countries in the world.  It is a huge undertaking with 3,000 green roadside cabinets to be installed and around 17,500kms of optical fibre cable to be laid.
The Superfast Cymru programme has been funded by the Welsh Government, the UK Government and the European Union to the tune of £205 million. On top of this BT is investing a further £220 million into helping rollout fibre optic broadband to areas in Wales that were not covered by its own commercial rollout.

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January 9, 2014

100,000 homes in Wales able to get superfast broadband

100,000 homes and businesses in Wales can now access superfast fibre optic broadband as the Superfast Cymru Project continues to help with the funding of the next generation broadband.

The Superfast Cymru Project is the scheme that the UK Government have put £57m in to to help fund the deployment and roll out of fibre optic broadband to areas of Wales where BT and Virgin Media themselves wouldn’t have covered by themselves. It is much the same as the BDUK Project (Broadband Delivery UK) that has a large pot of money that is being used to help with rolling out superfast broadband across the UK.

What is usually required for funding to be given to an area is for the local council and also BT to also dip into their pockets to help fund the rollout to the specified areas. The original target had been for 100,000 homes and businesses to have been connected by the end of 2013, so with us only being 9 days over that target we don’t think that was a bad estimate. The longer term target now is to reach 96% of homes and businesses in Wales by the end of 2015 and in total it should see around an extra 690,000 properties able to connect to superfast broadband that would have been left without otherwise.

The Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, said:

It’s brilliant news that more than 100,000 Welsh homes and businesses are already gaining real social and commercial advantages as a result of the nationwide rollout.

The contribution that the Governments’ delivery of superfast broadband by 2017 will make to the economic growth of the nation cannot be underestimated.”


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